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Alien - Into The Future (2020)

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November 27th, 2020 Alien will release the album “Into the Future”. This record is taking the band from being merely an AOR band to more of a hard rock band with a heavier sound and more guitars. Creating “Into The Future” was really a journey back to the days of being free in a musical way to experiment with arrangement, sounds, melodies and just having a blast while doing it. Once again to the band's delight, Janet Morrison Minto has been a part of the lyrics writing and as always with great commitment. ALIEN is now Jim Jidhed, Tony Borg and Toby Tarrach (d). The album was recorded in various studios in Sweden incl. JM Studios in Gothenburg, Borg Music & Recording Studio in Stockholm, Music Family studio in Särö and Hope Studio in Gothenburg. The mix and mastering was handled by Erik Martensson (ECLIPSE) at Blowout Production in Sollerön.

Out November 27th 2020 via AOR Heaven. 

Looking forward to this one!



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All I recall about Alien was a most awesome cover of The Air That I Breathe

But for sure I like the sound of the song above.
Close your eyes and listen to it and you can't help but imagine a 25 year old kid singing. still has a youthful voice.

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Yeah I like that,havent always been the biggest of fans of these guys,quite liked the debut back in the day but nothing since has grabbed me.

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Pretty much the same as you guys - Debut is excellent but not much happening after that. Jim’s vocals still hold up really well and that track sounds promising. With Martensson mastering you know it should sound good also.

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Like the beat/tone of that track...very funky...but is it just me but I cant understand a word of those first few lines until the bridge before the chorus? nice song though

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Am I sensing no love for 'Shiftin' Gear?' Very fine album, imo. The 1989 s/t album (actually their second album, and I never heard the debut - which does have mostly the same songs) is definitely their finest moment, but I'm also a big fan of 'Shiftin' Gear.' After that it's rubbish, but they do have two good albums. 

Anyway, I don't mind this new sound. Don't really like that tune, but I quite like the sound/style and will definitely look forward to this album. Still plenty of potential there...  

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So I listened to this and it's pretty bland on teh first listen.
Only real stand out was the last song, because it's a slow ballad and suits the bland vibe.
Hopefully will get better with more listens...

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Still awaiting my cd arrival from AORheaven due to the problems they experienced last week with software upgrades  :(

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Sadly, this album didn't do much for me at all. I liked the beefier sound - it was a good idea. Sadly, the songs suffered heavily at the expense of some balls. The only benefit to so many weak, bland hard rock songs is that the diamond in the rough stands out even more. I was asking myself this recently, wondering if sometimes, are fillers used as a tool to highlight good songs?

If you put three shit, dull and bland songs on an album in a row, then naturally, if you record something good it's going to sound even better than if there'd been three good songs to precede it. So, therefore, your good song sounds even better than it probably is? A scheme for some? Nope, probably not. But either way, 'Time is right' is the only good song on the album for me. I must admit, 'Freedom Wind' is half decent too, but still no keeper. 


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    • Yup. Most reviewers are a waste of time. 
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    • That's the problem with the Dems winning all 3 branches: if things don't go exactly to plan, there's no one for the media to scapegoat, unless they go back to Hillary's "vast rightwing conspiracy" mantra. We may see the ultra-left-wing progressives like AOC, Omar, and Bernie cannibalizing the moderates. There have already been hints of it around the edges, but without the Bad Orange Man to blame for everything including global warming and tooth decay, what are they going to do?
    • Max Cruise is the synthwave project of Austrailian multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Harrison.  
    • That Bad Wolves album is awesome.. shame Tommy Vext is no longer the vocalist. New album is pretty much wrote and ready to be recorded whenever they replace him. 
    • I think the debut is their weakest album añd Invincible is their weakest lead track, albeit v good. Walk away & Watch the Fire are better tho imo.  However just to clarify I would rate all 3 albums at least 85-90%  super consistent band. I also love the 2 singles so far - they would both rank in the top 20-30 songs I heard in 2020. in fact this has me interested now and I haven't properly rated an album for ages so I might later and see how it pans out.  debut will prob come out on top now lol. I think they all will be close 
    • Also, will be interesting to see how the US mdia handles the new president. They've kinda set him up as the saint vs Trumps sinner. Will he continue to get a hall pass on scrutiny? Or will they need someone else to savage, so just swap to him?
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