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Palace - Rock And Roll Radio

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18 hours ago, Tabe said:

Loved the first album, not so much the second one.  But definitely looking forward to this.

Yeah the first had a few really good tunes,dunno what he was at with album 2...lets hope he reverts back to that first offering.

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New video for 'Way Up Here'.

From Frontiers:

Palace, the brainchild of Swedish vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace, returns on December 4, 2020 with the excellent new melodic rock album “Rock And Roll Radio”. Nostalgia paints everything in brighter colors and Palace delivers 80's AOR/Melodic rock exactly the way we remember it. With dreamy keyboards, layers and layers of soaring guitars, big drums and thundering bass, "Rock And Roll Radio" will put you right in the front seat of a fast Italian sports car, as you cruise down the neon streets of memory lane.

"This is an uplifting tune that I wrote with Oscar Bromvall that is guaranteed to brighten up your day! The video was shot by Anders Roos at Quality Hotel Globe, who were generous enough to provide this stellar location with a beautiful view of Stockholm city," says Michael.

"Rock And Roll Radio" marks the beginning of a new journey for Palace and the new album is a huge milestone in his career as a producer.

"Since the release of "Binary Music," I've been putting in hundreds of hours in the studio honing my craft and building up the courage to become a full time music producer. "Rock And Roll Radio" is the first rock album that I've fully produced, mixed, and mastered and I'm incredibly excited for everyone to hear what that sounds like," explains Michael.

Michael Palace has been featured on many releases in different capacities the past couple of years. Some of his songwriting, guitar playing, and singing can be heard throughout an ever growing selection of rock classics by acts like Angelica, Crazy Lixx, Find Me, Creye, Platforms, Hank Erix, Jim Jidhed, and many more. Michael Palace first began collaborating with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitarist for First Signal, which of course features legendary Harem Scarem vocalist Harry Hess, Cry of Dawn featuring Goran Edman, Kryptonite featuring The Poodles vocalist Jakob Samuel, and Pride Of Lions vocalist Toby Hitchcock. These successful (and musically delightful) collaborations led to a worldwide record deal with Frontiers where Michael was given the opportunity to realize his lifelong dream and make the AOR albums he always dreamed of.

"Working with Frontiers has literally changed my life and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities they keep providing for me to grow as a person and a musician," concludes Palace.  Fans of Palace’s previous two releases, “Master Of The Universe” and “Binary Music” will have no shortage of joy upon hearing the band’s latest entry into Michael Palace’s impressive and growing catalog.  




1.  Rock And Roll Radio

2.  Castaway

3.  Way Up Here

4.  Cold Ones

5.  Eleonora

6.  Hot Steel

7.  My Gray Cloud

8.  Origin Of Love

9.  She's So Original

10. Strictly By The Rules

11. When It's Over

12. Fight 



Michael Palace – everything 

Oscar Bromvall - lead guitar on "Hot Steel"

Jordan Cox - backing vocals on "Castaway" 




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  • My Little Pony

It just popped up on my recommended on FaceTubes, and I've already listened to it twice. I'm loving it. 

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I like that tune a lot.

I was lukewarm on the first album....like a couple tunes.  Didn't care much for the second album.  We'll see what this one brings.

Will keep eyes on it.

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Debut had its moments but the second wasn’t up to much for me. I like this first single.. hope the rest of the album holds up. 

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Good song, kills everything on that second album!

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I loved Binary music, still one of my favourite aor albums. I don't get why there are so many negative opinions about it. The sound was great, the songs were melodic, uplifting yet emotional and "love songs" and "queen of the prom" were masterpieces.

The new single is great songwriting wise. The sound is a bit strange because the voice sounds thin, the drums don't sound like drums, the kick is too present, yet it doesn't kick enough. The snare is too low and lost sometimes. Other than that, perfect chorus, great song.

I listened to some of the Itunes samples and they didn't really convince me. Pretty boring choruses here and there that I'm not used to hear from Michael Palace... have to hear the whole songs maybe

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On 10/1/2020 at 9:42 PM, KarpetRydOFunk said:

It just popped up on my recommended on FaceTubes, and I've already listened to it twice. I'm loving it. 

Me 4 times already. Loving it!! Simple tune but so nicely done. One of the best so far. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Two very nice tunes. Quite a different sound to the debut and who cares what the second sounded like as it was shit, lol. But this sounds like he's definitely back on track after that hiccup. 

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  • My Little Pony
3 hours ago, sirlemonhead said:

My CD is on it's way...only I accidentally put my work address for delivery and I don't know when I'll be back there. Woops!

Was looking forward to it too :(

Haha. That's unfortunate. 

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Mine arrived yesterday but I havent had a chance yet to listen...its still sealed...will sort that tonight or tomorrow but the new track Cold Ones sounds great

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Listening now...4 tunes in..but this is fucking excellent...gonna crash my top 10 for sure...just like a blast of AOR/melodic rock from the 80's with odd retro bit thrown in...a really top suprise if I'm honest.

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1.  Rock And Roll Radio - good opener, I miss a third chorus run-through but I'm gonna use the replay button for more choruses.

2.  Castaway - similar structure which is a bit strange to me... anyway pretty decent

3.  Way Up Here - loved that song from the first time I heard it.

4.  Cold Ones - actually very simple chorus but has a huge effect on me, love it, too.

5.  Eleonora - didn't like it too much on the first listen but it definitely grows.

6.  Hot Steel - love the guitar in the verse, the other parts are decent but nothing special. Looking forward to drive to that song. 

7.  My Gray Cloud - cool atmosphere, chorus told me that there's a need of a surprise in that song because the chorus doesn't really explode and after the second chorus there's a big surprise and that totally lifts the song to one of my favourites.

8.  Origin Of Love - could have been on the last album, overall good but not a highlight 

9.  She's So Original - Great chorus but 3 or 4 run throughs would have been enough, way too many repititions in the end.

10. Strictly By The Rules - very relaxed, will maybe grow a little, at the moment it's a bit boring to me.

11. When It's Over - I really don't like that "I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you when it's over, over" part... everything else is great.

12. Fight - great final. Huge chorus, cool structure, gives me some nice feelings. It expresses a lot of hope somehow, love it.


I am one of the few persons who loved BINARY MUSIC because I thought every song was perfect, emotional, positive, melodic. RnR Radio goes into the same direction but it's not as consistent. Every song has great moments but there are more not so great moments, at least in my opinion. Still pretty good album.

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