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Better Late than Never! The 2020 Heavy Harmonies Donation Drive

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Welp... the world has at least somewhat stabilized, so hopefully this is a better time for the annual donation drive than March would have been.

I realize that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, so I fully understand if people won't be able to contribute.

Time once again for me to beg and plead for everyone to chip in to cover Heavy Harmonies' expenses. Costs for the site run about $191 a month, about the same as last year.

So when I say "costs", what do I mean? It's the out-of-pocket expenses to keep Heavy Harmonies running: server lease, bandwidth, hosting support, and the subscription for this forum software.

After several excellent years in 2017 and 2018 when the drive reached goal and then came within 88% of goal, 2019 didn't do so hot, only reaching 64% of goal.

The donation drive will run through Halloween, October 31.


Anyone who makes a single donation of $20 or more and has a board username will be added to the group "2020 Donors". This gets you the following benefits:

  • A nice shiny icon in your profile showing that you are an HH Donor for 2020: hh_supporter2020__donor.gif
  • An increase in the size of your PM storage from 200 to 500 messages
  • Exempt from the search flood control (normally if you try and do a search more than every 20 seconds, you get an annoying little "please wait" message)
  • The ability to start threads in the sale forum.
  • No time limit on editing your own posts! This will especially be useful for those with trade/sale lists as you'll be able to edit them rather than posting revised versions.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling inside that you are helping support Heavy Harmonies!

If you donate $50 during the drive, either as a single donation or across multiple donations, you will be added to the group "2020 Gold Donors". This gets you the following in addition to the above:

  • A bigger, fully animated shiny badge: HH2020-Gold-Donors.gif
  • All your posts will be highlighted, because if you show this much dedication to HH, what you have to say is obviously more more important! (just kidding, but your posts will be accentuated).

In your donation, please put your board username in the notes section! Otherwise I have no way to tie your donation to your membership here on the board.

If you are currently in the 2019 donor groups but don't wish to donate this year (or can't), at the end of the donation drive, your group membership will revert to the regular non-donator membership group.

Membership in the 2020 Donors group will last until the end of next year's donation drive, at which point you can donate again to remain in the Donors group with the same benefits, or revert back to your current member group.

PayPal donation buttons are found at the top of all the pages on the main site and here on the forum on the right side at the top, or if you'd prefer to send a money order, check, or cash (not recommended, but I know some people prefer to do so), you can make payable to Dan Harding and send to:

Heavy Harmonies
P.O. Box 17158
Urbana, IL 61803

If you can't give $20, give $10... if you can't give $10, give $5... it's just once a year.

(And if you happen to be fortunate enough to be earning 6 figures or more per year, please feel free to give gobs of cash! I'm not opposed to having a sugar daddy or seven :lol:)

As always, your support is greatly appreciated! :git::banger:


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P.S. A couple of people donated earlier in the year, which is why the goal is already at 8%, and I'll add those people to the appropriate donor groups.

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  • My Little Pony

Always asking for money. 

Get a job!

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  • 2020 Gold Donors

Thanks for the icon mate. I'll try to throw a bit more your way before the drive ends.

As usual, a big thank you to yourself, Whiplash and all others involved in maintaining the site.

I really hope you beat last years shameful display. 

Also, a big thank you to all the forum members. I've mentioned it before, but In these ridiculous times this place is very much a sanctuary (for me anyway). More so now than ever. Even the latest "Political" discussions have not damaged the community. This is a special place. We all should support it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, 2 weeks into the donation drive and donations stand at 33%, which looks like it's keeping pace... but most of the regular and reliable supporters have already donated, so I expect things to trail off considerably.

Thanks to everyone who has participated and donated!


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  • 2020 Gold Donors
18 hours ago, Rockhunter666 said:

Done. Thanks for keeping this awesome website running!:headbanger: 

Your first post and it's to announce a Gold donation. CHAMPION.

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Well, we're right at the half way point of the annual donation drive, with another 3 weeks or so to go. We're at 45% of goal.

Pretty much all of the reliable regular supporters have donated, so now I get to play nagging grandpa and take aim at the worthless young whippersnappers who never do a danged thing around here. Clean up your room! Sit up straight! Shell out a few bux to support Heavy Harmonies!

*grumble* Back in my day, we made websites using chisels and stone tablets, working our fingers to to the bone, not like them newfangled appity thingies you have on your cellphones with your Myface and Spacebook! And we were thankful!

Dang kids...

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Well crept over the 50 percent, at least. Still disappointing we can't cover Dan's costs but it's the annual conversation about less people posting. Maybe one of us will win the lottery one day? 

Dan, think I should be over the 20 as sent a few smaller donations after getting paid. Could you take a look? 

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Two weeks left to go in the annual donation drive. As Peter mentions above, we've crossed the 50% threshold, sitting currently at 58% of goal.

I greatly appreciate the support thus far. If you haven't yet contributed, please consider throwing $10 or $20 into the pot. It's only once a year and it keeps the lights on. For many years it wasn't a huge deal, as the eBay affiliate links on the main site covered any shortfall, but sadly that's no longer the case as (1) more and more people browse with adblockers enabled so Heavy Harmonies doesn't get credited with any commissions when people click through and buy something on eBay, and (2) eBay has cut their commission rates more than 80% from where they once were. I keep the links up because based upon analytics people find them useful... it's just that HH no longer gains much from them in the way of revenue.

I adamantly refuse to implement any anti-ad blocker nag screens or popups on the main site, as I find that practice to be annoying AF when I'm browsing, so I would be a hypocrite if I enabled such a thing here. It won't happen.

If you do use the main site a lot, and you don't mind disabling your ad blocker just for heavyharmonies.com, it would be greatly appreciated.


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One week remaining in the annual donation drive and we're at 63% of the goal to cover the out-of-pocket expenses in operating Heavy Harmonies.

My thanks to those who have donated thus far!


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Have you given any consideration to moving to a regular payment system? 

I suspect most wouldn't notice a couple of dollars a month spread out over the year. 

https://www.paypal.com/us/brc/article/setting-up-recurring-payments-for-business#:~:text=Once you've turned on,> Payments > Manage automatic payments.

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I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm not personally a fan of that approach. Too many potential downsides:

1. PayPal would still take their normal 30 cents + 2.9% cut, but now it would be on EVERY payment rather than just one payment, so that 30 cents becomes a much bigger factor. For example, on a single $20 donation, the total PayPal fees are $0.88. on 10 $2 payments, the total PayPal fees are $3.58, four times as much.

2. Too easily for people to forget that they subscribed to something 6 months ago and all of a sudden I'm dealing with chargebacks. No thank you.

3. A subscription model for anything implies more or higher levels of service and content, even if it's framed as a Patreon-like arrangement of showing support.

4. I don't want to be marketing/spamming/shilling site support year round. It's invasive and a pain in the butt for all concerned. I think that most people prefer that it not be a year-round presence.

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  • 2020 Gold Donors

I think the current system is more than adequate. If more regulars stepped up, the goal would be easily reached every year, no probs. I don't quite understand the reluctance to sling a few bucks Dans' way. This site is a haven for a lot of people on a daily basis.

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It's the world we live in now, and it's been that way for about a decade now: Everything on the Internet is free.

It's the same mindset that expects free shipping on everything, because shipping things doesn't actually cost anyone anything... No, the seller/vendor is baking it into the price of the item. Trust me, they're paying for shipping.

Unfortunately, in the same way that small businesses can't compete with Amazon Prime or Walmart free shipping, corporate websites with large staffs and corporate relationships can offer a lot more than most fan-driven sites. So you end up with the "little guys" slowly but surely falling by the wayside or their content migrating to Facebook.

No biggie. It is what it is. It's an ever-changing world. :)

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  • 2020 HH Donation Drive

    Please support Heavy Harmonies! The donations goal is the out-of-pocket expenses to run the main site and this board for calendar year 2020.

    66% of donation goal reached.
    Donate Sidebar by DevFuse
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    • Guess it shows the hiatus was needed.. Wall Street was a bad album, and I’m a fan of these guys.    I thought the same - I think they’ll still have a couple of ‘fun’ tracks just like Age’s solo stuff, Ammunition and previous Wig Wam albums but it looks like a more serious and less tongue-in-cheek direction.    Definitely looking forward to further info / music. 
    • For people without comorbidities, COVID-19 is not the apocalyptical virus the media makes it out to be. As recently as 3 weeks ago (I think?) the WHO reversed itself, now saying that societal lockdowns are NOT the answer. Great, we crippled the economy and destroyed peoples' jobs for what exactly? Protect/quarantine those in high risk groups, but open up society as a whole IMO. There's a certain segment that wants a 100.00% reliable solution or cure. It doesn't exist. It may NEVER exist. Tens of thousands of people die every year from just the flu and its side effects; we don't shut down the planet for it, and there isn't a 100% cure for it. The cure is proving worse than the disease... literally. P.S. At least here in the U.S., there is a large political component to how COVID-19 is being handled, with the motive of tilting the election. Democrat governors wanting to keep things locked down until after election day and then things will "magically" improve. Pelosi refusing to consider any aid package to the American people until after the election, regardless of how much the GOP is willing to negotiate. She's evil.
    • What are you a fucking idiot? what kind of a fucking bollocks statement is that mate, you must have your head so far up your ass, you can smell your own breath, never talk with that much sense G-Off, you cant let little things like reality and common sense get in the way of Covid, you should know that, now denounce your whiteness, apologize for your white privilege and say 10 hail marys, then we will forgive you.
    • Wow, huge song. Would never have believed they were still capable of that after the way they went off the rails so bad. But that is absolutely killer. Love it.  Will be interested to see what direction they take, lyrically, on the new album. Will it still be a kind of parody/joke thing, or will it be straight up more serious melodic hard rock like this track suggests? 
    • It's what made him famous, and for absolutely perfect reason, folks here is a little known comic, touring on the opey & anthony comedy tour, the previous comic was booed offstage, you've heard of notorious philly crowds, watch what happens when they start booing an unknown Bill Burr, this was legendary, wish it could have been recorded better.  
    • There's a couple of posts of this nature and yes, that's no good. But again, this side of the coin gets well represented, but can we allow some representation for the other side of the coin? Or is this a BLM situation again? Now, I don't have the stats any more than you or Moses or Jesus does. But let's say roughly 44,000,000 people have had this thing at last count. Are we allowed to acknowledge for a second that it is extremely likely that the overwhelming majority of these people have not and will not have lasting health issues? Are we allowed to say that, or are we just going to concentrate on the (probably relatively very small amount of) people that have - for whatever reason - had significant issues with the virus? Who, dare I say, would probably have issues had they had another non-Covid related health issue? I'm just going to pluck one from a hat because he's famous and we all know him, but can we acknowledge that Novak Djokovic had the virus and was then, a few weeks later,  playing tennis in Wimbledon and France at the highest possible level on the planet?  And there will be tens of millions of people that share a similar story to him. So let's please acknowledge this side of the coin before painting a picture that everyone who has had it is doomed for eternity.   I know this covid thing is something we need to acknowledge, but I just can't handle the over-dramatics, for lack of a better term. Yes, it's a part of life now. Like the flu, cancer and a million other ailments. It's there and we all know it. If I am not mistaken, there has never, ever been a vaccine for a coronavirus ever, in history. So there's probably a decent likelihood there may not ever be a vaccine for Covid-19. So what then? We just start every news bulletin with the daily infection rates for the rest of time, until the sun swallows earth? Is that the plan? When do we try to get on with some semblance of life, knowing what we know now?  One day, the human race is going to have to start living some kind of collective life again, with this thing amongst us. It is what it is.  Anyway, fuck it. I can't put into words properly my whole take on the thing. I'm just glad to see/hear I'm not alone. Covid-19 is not a good thing, BUT, in my opinion, the reaction to it has been, and continues to be well and truly disproportionate. I guess, in a nutshell, that's my 2 cents on the thing.  Let the hate commence but I don't really care because I already hate myself for wasting the time it took me to type that.  
    • Awesome isn’t it.. the production sounds improved and loving the heavier guitar tone. Wouldn’t surprise me if Erik Martensson wasn’t involved in some capacity.  Was only a few days back I was watching videos of the Sheffield gig back in 2010 - seriously good live band. 
    • One of my fave bands of all time. And to see them back for another round is simply an awesome news.  As for the new tune, it's a killer. Love it. 
    • new additions : + AC/DC - Shot In The Dark + BLIND ALLEY - Fire and Ice + BRIAN MCDONALD -  Between Heaven and Heart + BRONZ - Two Silhouettes, When The Lights Die Down + CLARK KENT - 4 tracks from the debut + EDDIE MONEY - 6 tracks from 'Can't Hold Back' + FM - 5 tracks from 'Tonight' + HIGH TENSION - 6 tracks from s/t + JOE LYNN TURNER - On The Run, Young Hearts, Endlessly + LIPSTIXX N BULLETZ - 5 tracks + LITA FORD - Shot of Poison, Playin' With Fire, Little Too Early + LIZZY BORDEN - Terror on The Town, Love Kills, Me Against The World, Shock, Eyes of A Stranger, Voyeur + LOUD & CLEAR - 4 tracks from 'Disc-connected' + LOUDGUNS - 8 tracks from the debut and 2 tracks from the sophomore + LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - Too Big To Fail + LOVEKILLERS - 4 tracks from the debut + LYNCH MOB - killer tracks from the first two albums + OUTFIELD, THE - assorted fave tracks from several albums + RECKLESS LOVE - Loaded + RUNNER - Fooling Myself + SPIN GALLERY - Tic Toc, Indulge + STONE FURY - Break Down The Wall, I Hate To Sleep Alone, Life Is Too Lonely, Don't Tell Me Why + URIAH HEEP - Too Scared To Run, Think It Over  
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