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QUIET RIOT: the band that won't die

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Quiet Riot to continue on without a single original member:

QUIET RIOT - 2020/2021 Because life goes on!
It was Frankie Banali's wish that the band continue and we keep the music and the legacy alive.
Chuck Wright has been in the band off and on since 1981 and played not only on the song "Metal Health" but many other QUIET RIOT Albums. Alex Grossi has been in the band since 2004 touring and recording. Jizzy Pearl has been a member of the QUIET RIOT family since 2013 and Johnny Kelly has been doing a great job filling in on drums this past year with Frankie's blessing.
We are happy to have shows on the calendar with many more TBA and very much look forward to celebrating the history and legacy of QUIET RIOT with all of you in 2021 and Beyond...!!
More Tour Dates Added, More TBA....Stay Tuned...!!!
10/9/20 - QUIET RIOT - Urich, MO - Grand Stage Amphitheater
10/23/20 - QUIET RIOT - Reading, PA - The Reverb
03/20/21 - QUIET RIOT - The Dalles, OR - Granada Theater
04/17/21 - QUIET RIOT - Woodford, VA - The Groove Music Hall
04/24/21 - QUIET RIOT - Arnold's Park, IA - The Roof Garden
07/2/21 - QUIET RIOT - Menahga, MN - Mid Summer Music Festival
07/25/21 - QUIET RIOT - Pownal, VT - Green Mountain Race Track
07/28/21 - QUIET RIOT - Redmond, OR - Des Shuttes City Fair
07/31/21 - QUIET RIOT - Wilmington, OH - Rock The Block
08/7/21 - QUIET RIOT - McMinville, OR - Yamhill County Fair
10/30/21 - QUIET RIOT - Larchwood, IA - Grand Falls Resort Casino
Date TBA - QUIET RIOT - Des Plaines Theater - Des Plaines, IL
Date TBA - QUIET RIOT - Grover Hill, OH - Wetzel Motor Rally
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At this point in time (and hell even before Frankie passed) it really is time to lay the band name to rest and instead use some kind of tribute name like Metal Health or something.

Just because Frankie sadly passed away does not change my opinion on continuing this band once Kevin passed away.



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The fact is that any version of Quiet Riot that appears in the future will be a tribute band.

It's an interesting question though. Anybody ever heard of the "Ship of Theseus"?

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 Agree with Captain Howdy...QR died when Dubrow died-he was a true pioneer of this genre and the only voice for this band.

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Someone tried arguing on social media that Kevin was not an original member and they should have laid the band to rest when Randy died, by my logic. Had to point out that Kevin was at least on the first two albums, and those two albums were only available in Japan and the band split after Randy left to join Ozzy, and Kevin then asked him for his blessing in reactivating the band and Randy gave the OK, plus Randy was not in the band when he died anyway.


I think some people cannot grasp the concept that for most people, the founding members of the band are the ones on the first album, not the people who came before that. Most bands are in flux before they record their debut.

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