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    • Hated the song. Love the breasts. Couldn't turn it off.
    • The anti-China sentiment worldwide should be in full effect...way beyond what it is now.Only going to get worse-as it should.
    • 100% No doubt, we are very fortunate fuckers. But it's like when you're in hostpital feeling sorry for yourself, and then you see someone far worse off than you and you think "well it could be worse". But soon enough you slip right back into your self pity in dealing with your own issue. So it's hard to compare Victoria to the rest of the world, far more logical to compare it to the rest of Australia. And by comparison, we're stuffed. People are losing businesses here, mental health issues are skyrocketing after the better part of a year being in lockdownand full lockdown for 3 months. The frustration is that there seems to be no fair reason to be enduring this. BUT Yes, full sympathy for every other country who are in a far far far worse state than we are. Losing a business, or getting depressed are irrelevant compared to being killed by this horrible vius.
    • Just assumed melodicrockfest killed it...
    • What great way to start the day, zero new cases and zero death.
    • Well Glen guess the way I see it is I suffer from Kidney Failure, I cant sit around and be glad I don't have something more serious, I just have to take it in hand, my kidneys wont last long, so I just do all I can to be as healthy as I can, and if I die, I die, there's not to much else I can do about it, I as my daughter and her mom believe this isnt legit, oh the virus certainly is, but not the bullshit around it, I don't believe the chinese virus is as deadly as Ebola, or perhaps even the flu, the thing is, I don't know anyone personally who has died from the flu, or from the CV, I now know a lot of people who have had both, I cant live my life in fear, from something that hasn't proved to be any more or any less deadly then anything else, I can say im thankful I've never caught mad cow disease, now that I would be tripping about.
    • Wind Of Late September - Myland
    • they should be thankful they are not seriously ill. many others aren't so lucky unfortunately¬†
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