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BAD BOYS "Turn On The Radio"


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Metallic Blue Records is preparing to release a CD by a great Utah band named BAD BOYS that were a long concealed secret for most of us outside of the Salt Lake City rock scene. I just received an advance copy for review and here a my first impressions.   
 Having first appeared in the late 80's, this dual guitar hard rock band thrilled fans in the Salt Lake City area and eventually on the Sunset Strip in L.A. .  The 11 tracks consists of two demos.   Five of the tracks were recorded in 1988 and the remaining six in 1989.
My first expectations were of a run of the mill hard rock band in the mold of what I've heard over and over.   That thought was quickly crushed as I listened to each track of well crafted songs anxiously anticipating the next track.   That first track, "Bad Boy" reminds me of a Sunset Strip "hair metal band", although the total output of this CD is oriented toward a melodic hard rock sound not unlike something you would expect from great bands such as ICON, FIREHOUSE, IVORY TOWER or AGENTZ.
 There are very catchy lyrics and strong playing on this CD which, as previously mentioned,  consists of the dual guitar team of Chris Clary and Paul Runfola.   The overall production is extremely well done and full, especially considering these recordings were originally demos from the 80's.   Good vocals by Mike Rafone dominate as well and they definitely had the potential to be famous.    Thanks to Metallic Blue Records this long kept secret has been "declassified" and  we can finally enjoy the BAD BOYS as they crank out their unique brand of melodic hard rock.

Bad Boys front.JPG

Bad Boys Back.JPG

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