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A question for NFL fans.

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5 hours ago, Dead Planet said:

Those helmets only help so much...there is a long list of guys with brain injuries in football and hockey....

Ice Hockey is definitely one sport that warrants as much protection as you can get. Sticks and a virtual bullet flying around combined with the speeds they generate on their skates. I'm surprised they don't wear those padded Sumo suits.

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I would like to see all the people doing the violence and destruction get arrested and charged but not all of the people at these events are rioting , usually it is just a few idiots causing trouble BUT when you watch the cops in these situations, they charge the entire crowd and arrest whoever they can get their hands on and that is usually not the ones breaking the law so yes they get released without charges...however in places where to violence has been going on for weeks at every 'protest' they should be charging everyone dumb enough to show up...that might bring an end to the silliness happening in places like Portland...

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5 hours ago, AlphaMale said:

Cause thats not the issue Russ, the issue is black guys being shop by white cops, stop trying to change the subject, everybody knows black men are being hunted down by white cops daily, ask Lebron, he knows, so does Cardi B, 2 of the greatest minds in the black community

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Another Question. 

I guess I can understand the reluctance to use the lateral pass due to the lack of ball handling skills, but the "non-Quarterback" pass seems like another under used weapon. Each team could have two, maybe three capable "Quarterbacks" on any given play depending on the circumstances. It's not complicated, but as with the lateral pass, when it happens it's considered a "Miracle play".












Just a reminder that I am a shit stirrer.  ;)

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So Darkstone, I just barely read your questions, to say it simply, in American football, the goal is to advance the ball as far as you can get it away from your own goal line, which is the end zone behind you, so any kind of movement backwards is extremely risky, now it happens occasionally, it's not completely dead, some coaches will use all sorts of plays in their playbook with different variations of laterals, this happens frequently in the NCAA, but generally when balls are lateraled, it's tied to some kind of trick play, such as a flea flicker, or a pup dog, the point in American Football that you don't find in any other sport is the forward pass, the lateral is kind of the anti forward pass, which is IMO much more difficult then the lateral to accomplish, for one you can throw much further and much harder forward from a standing position, and since your trying to move away from your own endzone, there's just way to much risk of a disaster, such as someone reading it, someone breaking the line, someone getting in the way, anytime the ball comes loose behind the line of scrimmage is a fumble, and that's dire to the team fumbling it, especially if your in your own territory and the other team recovers it, they just automatically put themselves in scoring range, so there's many good reasons to not lateral in American football, but because of that, when they do lateral the other teams isnt generally expecting it, and it can be effective that way.

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    • Back in 1990 we saw the release of the Nevada band ROCK BOULEVARD's "Self Titled" CD that became a collectors crown jewel.  Fast forward to 2020 ...... METALLIC BlUE RECORDS has released a new CD by the band titled "Stand And Fight"  which consists of tracks recorded in 1988-89 prior to their debut CD.   You read that right.....another full length ROCK BOULEVARD album with all new songs that has sat in a can all these years waiting to be rediscovered.   My hands were shaking and my heart fluttering with excitement when I received my advance copy.   When I pressed play on my CD player, I wasn't disappointed and the excitement was absolutely worthwhile......On this new 10 track release, vocals duties on seven tracks are handled by Jeff Kerr and the final three tracks feature Deland Voth's vocals.  There have been some lineup changes here and there......as a result, some fresh new sounds are part of the experience.  On several tracks, the listener is taken down some new melodic rock paths filled with keyboards and melodious layered songs that drive true melodic rock fans wild...  then swiftly taking you along another road filled with wild and crazy hair metal leaving you dizzy with delight.  The intitial style blends melodic hard rock that sounds more like US Westcoast melodic hard rock in the RATT school with a BON JOVI influence.  The remainder comes off in the vein of a more melodic SKID ROW (debut), with a touch of SILENT RAGE, LILLIAN AXE(early), JILLSON and LANCIA.   All of it with a top notch production, great backup vocals and excellent guitar work.  A huge thumbs up to Metallic Blue Records for making this one available after all these many years.   This is a "huge" release.  Along with the newly discovered material,  I was extremely impressed with the extensive liner notes, band history and photos compiled with this CD.  The liner notes alone separate an impressive release from an otherwise ordinary one.   Oh, and I should add, like all Metallic Blue Label releases, this is silver pressed and not a CD-R as is the case with many independant labels these days.    Although recorded prior to the debut, this is a worthy essential to add to your collection.   I should not fail to mention that the highly collectable self titled ROCK BOULEVARD, now titled "I Got What You Want, is also now available from Metallic Blue Records with 2 bonus tracks.   Another quality release that is silver pressed and contains an excellent 12 page booklet filled with band history and photos.   Don't wait till it's too late, get both of these great releases while they are available.   Surely they will become collectors items in the future.
    • These guys are performing via live stream this Friday. It's FREE.99, but you still need to reserve a "ticket." Hopefully that link works.   https://www.bandsintown.com/f/74655?came_from=206
    • From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to introduce Kreek, the new band fronted by ex-Bigfoot frontman Antony Ellis. This new rock ‘n roll machine from Ellis sees him keeping his foot firmly planted in the fertile U.K. hard rock scene from which he emerged. Kreek's self-titled debut album is due out February 12, 2021. Kreek was first formed in the summer of 2019 after Ellis’ had parted ways with Bigfoot, who would eventually disband. Impressed with Ellis’ vocal ability from their time working with his previous band, Frontiers reached to Ellis about continuing to work together. Ellis had already been thinking about putting something new together and was keen to create a great new hard rock band. He soon found a group of musicians in Nick Clarke (guitar), Lee Andrews (bass), and Seb Sweet (drums) who were ready to join him and thus Kreek was born. Produced by Dan Rossall (Passion, Revolution Saints), Kreek’s self-titled debut is now ready to be unleashed! Line-up: Antony Ellis - Vocals Nick Clarke - Guitar Seb Sweet - Drums Lee Andrews – Bass   Tracklist: 1. At The Bottom Of Hell 2. Missiles 3. Meet Your Maker 4. Million Dollar Man 5. One Voice 6. Man On My Shoulder 7. Stand Together 8. Down 'N Dirty 9. Get Up 10. You’re On Your Own   www.facebook.com/KreekUK      
    • New songs 'Remember' and 'Break The Chains''.      
    • 'New' song with new lyrics, 'December (Christmas)'    
    • other then hodge twins, here are a few of the YT channels I do most of my time on. So I'm not easily won over, generally most of the YouTubers who do killer work, dont go the extra mile and invest in someone to do their VO(like me) and a great production is brought down in flames by a pussy wimpy or just irritating VO, I'm not talking about Chills, Nexpo is a channel I stumbled onto, the guy is A+, and he has a soothing unannoying voice. Spooky Rice is a brotha who revies some disturbing movies, the best kind, if you dont care he talks black, and you like fucked up movies, he really searches deep for graphic and horrifying movies.  
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