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FERREIRA - Come And Get It (2020)


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FERREIRA is a hard rock band based in NY Put together by Marco Ferreira (Vocal, Guit) and his Brother Alex Ferreira (Drums, Vocals) on the veins of HAREM SCAREM, RATT, QUEEN, JOURNEY, DOKKEN... It’s debut album FERREIRA "Fallen Heroes" was released in 2002 by Shire Records.
while living in Denver, CO with his brother Alex Ferreira. supponting the album playing gigs all over the map including supporting RATT at the legendary Gothic Theater in Denver.
In 2006 Marco recorded with the French prog metal band VENTURIA the bands debut album "The New Kingdom" in France by the label Lion Music.
2007 now living in New York wrote and co-produced GOODBYE THRILL first album with help of the label Kivel Records. Playing a few show along the way including the first three MELODIC ROCK FESTs, sharing stage with some great bands, to name a few names, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Nelson, Survivor, Night Ranger, Joe L. Turner, Jeff Scott Soto, Mark Slaghter (Slaughter) …
2008 Marco recorded the second album of VENTURIA – Hybrid (Lion Music), this time in Switzerland. The album was released as a double CD/DVD with a live performance of the band in Geneva, Switzerland for TV network TSR
2009 recorded and produced his second FERREIRA album "Working Overtime"
2010 was a very busy year. Released 3 albums and a DVD. First was the second GOODBYE THRILL CD / DVD Title Keepsakes (Kivel Records), with a mix of new material, some acoustic versions and a remix by the mega producer (Beau Hill) for the single Rainy days of the first album. The DVD including a acoustic show, music video of Let me sleep and scenes from shows and recordings. Next was the release of FERREIRA’s third album Better Run!! (Escape Music) and the third GOODBYE THRILL album Outrageous (Kivel Records) produced by Marco at PLAYREC PRODUCTIONS
In the same year performed South Dakota Rock fest along with SKID ROW, LA GUNS, BRET MICHAELS, ENUFF Z NUFF, FIREHOUSE, DOKKEN… And supporting DOKKEN again in a show in Massachusetts, and later in Chicago for the MELODIC ROCK FEST II along wit Y&T, WINGER, DANGER DANGER, TRIXTER, and many others.
2011 back in the studio producing the forth FERREIRA album "Are you in?"
2014 comes the release of FERREIRA fifth album "V" with MELODIC ROCK RECORDS.
2020 after 4 month in lock down quarentine with COVID19 taking over the world and closing his hometown in New York, was time to finished album #6 "Come And Get It".



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I really don't understand this project. They will end their musical career with the worst produced discography in musical history, I'm not even kidding. How they can be recording new albums that sound worse than their poor sounding debut in 2002 is absolutely well beyond me. 

For anyone counting, they just released another new album;

Ferreira     -    Baby-7

1    .    It's Alive! 
2    .    Sand Castles
3    .    Can't Find The Words
4    .    Bumpy
5    .    On The Other Side
6    .    Flame Still Burns
7    .    Seven
8    .    Second Row
9    .    All Comes Back
10    .    Can't Find The Words (Acoustic)




Sadly, imo, it just sounds absolutely terrible - like a bad demo. Not even a good demo. The frustrating part is that every now and then they pen a decent tune like 'Can't Find The Words,' but it sounds like shit so there's no hope for it. 

I dunno, I truly don't get it. I don't think there's any excuse for recording an album that sounds this bad in 2023. Terrible. 



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Sorry to hear that it didn't meet your standars Geoff. I do appreciate you taking the time to check the album out ;) it is a no budget independent self release. I try to do the best I can with what I have in my home studio. And I know I'm no Mutt Lange but It works for me and most people who dig my tune. I do hope people can enjoy the songwriting most of all ;) Untill next one brother.




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