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Eclipse - Viva La VicTOURia


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59 minutes ago, heavyharmonies said:

Cute spin on the song name... I'm guessing a live album.

Hopefully some sort of Live package with a CD/Blu Ray like Pretty Maids did with their recent Japan release.

I'd even hazard a guess as to it being the Oct 27, 2019 show in Milan, Italy since it seems like Frontiers often captures those Italian shows....but that's just a blind guess.

Either way, I'd probably pick this up if it's a decent package.  

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Never been a massive fan of live albums.
With a few exceptions - Scorpions, Maiden, Tesla, Kiss, maybe a couple of others.
Concert DVD's are another thing, if it's gonna be live I wanna watch it as well.

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On 8/3/2020 at 8:06 AM, heavyharmonies said:

Cute spin on the song name... I'm guessing a live album.

Yeah, I believe this was the name of their tour for the album.  So, almost certainly a live album.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Yep, a live album. 

Press release:

Eclipse have announced their first ever official live release, “Viva La VicTOURia”, which follows the tremendous success of their last studio release, “Paradigm”. Available on 2CD/DVD, Blu-ray, and 3xLP on November 6, 2020, “Viva La VicTOURia” showcases the band’s performance in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden on December 21, 2019 during their tour in support of the aforementioned album. See below for details on the bonus material included on the release.

"We've talked about properly documenting a live show for ages. Well, if anything good came out of the pandemic that brought touring to a halt, this is it. Thanks to this record, Viva La VicTOURia will live forever although it ended up being our shortest tour," says vocalist/guitarist Erik Mårtensson.

"Fans have asked us for a live album and video for a long time now. Well, here it is. Eclipse live, raw, and naked. Enjoy!" adds Magnus Henriksson

Bonus material on the CD and LP versions of "Viva La VicTOURia" include the studio track “Driving One Of Your Cars” (a Lisa Miskovsky cover), acoustic versions of 'The Downfall Of Eden' and "When The Winter Ends', as well as three live tracks from the band's “Live from the Quarantine” pay-per-view special, which was recorded at Studio Grondahl in Stockholm, Sweden on April 1, 2010. The 3xLP version also includes the exclusive bonus tracks ‘Hurt’ and ‘Mary Leigh’.

Bonus footage on the DVD and Blu-ray features interviews with the band around the creation of “Paradigm” and “Viva La VicTOURia”, additional footage from the Paradigm Tour (backstage, tour bus, behind the scenes, etc.), and some interviews with the band around the development of Eclipse, from the early days up until now, including some historic footage.

Live in Göteborg (Gothenburg) was recorded live at Tradgarn, Goteborg on December 21, 2019.

Live from the Quarantine was recorded at Studio Grondahl in Stockholm, Sweden on April 1, 2020.

This first official live product from the band closes out the "Paradigm" album cycle and serves as a document of this very successful, but at the same time, super weird period in time for the band (and all of us).





1. Viva La Victoria

2. Mary Leigh

3. Blood Wants Blood

4. The Storm

5. Vertigo

6. Jaded

7. Shelter Me

8. United

9. The Downfall Of Eden

10. When The Winter Ends

11. Take Me Home

12. Battlegrounds


1. Black Rain

2. Blood Enemies

3. Stand On Your Feet

4. Runaways

5. I Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry

6. Never Look Back

7. Driving One Of Your Cars (Studio Version)

8. The Downfall Of Eden (Acoustic Version)

9. When The Winter Ends (Acoustic Version)

10. Battlegrounds (Quarantine Live)

11. Driving One Of Your Cars (Quarantine Live)

12. Delirious (Quarantine Live)


LP bonus tracks:

- Mary Leigh (Quarantine Live)

- Hurt (Quarantine Live)


DVD / BR bonus content:




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  • Stefan changed the title to Eclipse - Viva La VicTOURia

Interesting....Not sure if I'll be buying this or not though.  One hesitation I have is that all the banter will probably be in Swedish just like H.E.A.T's Live At Sweden Rock Festival release and that just annoys me a bit since I don't know what's being said.  I know there are subtitles or whatever but still annoys me.  I just know I much prefer listening to H.E.A.T'S  Live In London release and haven't pulled out the Live at Sweden Rock CD's to listen since the first time through them.

If I pick up anything it will probably just be the Blu Ray as I've never been able to see Eclipse live as of yet so it would be nice to check out a show.

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On 8/5/2020 at 2:48 AM, Nightrain said:

Not really interested TBH but still gonna check it out

Same, not into live albums like when I was younger.

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20 minutes ago, Glen said:

I don't listen to live albums post around 1985 :lol:

This. Maybe a little past 1985...... like 1990ish. Everything after, no thanks.

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I'm like you guys. I don't really do live albums these days and tend to avoid them, but there are some old school live albums that I love.

Livecrime, Live...in the Raw, Made in Switzerland, Beast From the East, Live From the Sun, One Live Night and KISS Alive III are a few.

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whaaat?? Sooo many old school classic live albums

Kiss Alive II, UFO Strangers in the Night, Journey Captured, Maiden Live After Death, Thin Lizzy Live & Dangerous, REO You Get What u play for, Queen Live Killers, Black Sabbath Live Evil, Whitesnake Live in the Heart, AC/DC If you want blood, Motorhead No Sleep, MSG One Night at Budokan, U2 Blood Red Sky (when they were good!), 


that's just off the top of my head.

recent (I mean past 85 lol) just don't compare to these classics imo 


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20 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

Yeah, if I'm gonna do a live album, may as well be watching it as well, kinda adds to the performance to see it rather than just hear it.


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Yeah, this is an easy day 1 purchase for me.  The live stuff on the deluxe version of "Armaggedonize" is fantastic, with some tracks being better than their studio versions.  My favorite band releasing "new" material?  Yeah, just take my money.

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  • 1 month later...

I don't have any doubts these guys are great live. But looking at that set list,where are tunes from Are you ready to rock? My favourite Eclipse album.

Unbreakable,hard time loving,Million miles away,Hometown calling,Under the gun,Breaking my heart again,so many great songs to choose,c'mon guys.

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