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Atlas - Parallel Love


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New video for 'Dare To Love Again'.



Track list: 1. The Fever, 2. Without You, 3. In Your Head, 4. Weathered Heart, 5. Human Touch, 6. Dare To Love, 7. Falling Out Of Love, 8. Early Warning, 9. We Are The Fire, 10. Beyond The Limit, 11. Here With You

“Parallel Love” is the second album by British Melodic Rock band ATLAS. Writing sessions for “Parallel Love” started shortly after the band’s 2019 tour with Midnite City and Age of Reflection, with the band spending much longer on the demo process than for their previous album, polishing their ideas through the autumn and winter of 2019. This resulted in 11 tracks that the band felt were more concise and stronger than previous efforts. The band chose to pursue a heavier edge for the album production, while staying true to their Melodic Rock and AOR roots. The album line-up consists of Craig Wells (Vocals), Howie Little (Guitar), James Thorley (Keyboards), Chris Redfearn (Bass) and Ryan Briggs (Drums). James Thorley took on the role of producer and recording engineer, with Christoffer Borg (Art Nation, Taste) once again taking over the role of mixing and mastering. The five-piece chose to work with AOR Heaven again for the world-wide release of “Parallel Love” due to the successful working relationship for their previous release “In Pursuit Of Memory”.

“Parallel Love” explores complicated and difficult themes in relationships that arenʼt often touched on in traditional AOR, while still exploring the highs and lows of what love brings to life. “Human Touch” showcases the physical side of love with no strings attached, while “Here With You” is a declaration of love lyrically and musically with the band showcasing a string ensemble for the album’s finale. These parallel themes are intended to tie the album together lyrically. “Weathered Heart” celebrates a new love after the turmoils of previous relationships, while “Falling Out Of Love” deals with pursuing love for the wrong reasons.

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We've also released a new track "Weathered Heart' for those that have pre ordered the album from our band camp page (those who pre order now we also receive the download, and any future singles ahead of the album release)

Here is the link: https://atlasmusicuk.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-love

"Weathered Heart" was written shortly after we completed our debut album, and was often played live on our tours with Midnite City and Age of Reflection last autumn! We hope you enjoy it :)

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New video released today for "Human Touch" Hope you enjoy it! Album is out in a few weeks and can be pre-ordered directly from us (for signed copies and advanced singles download) or via AOR Heaven/Amazon etc.

Pre-order link: https://atlasmusicuk.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-love


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“Parallel Love” is available now!

The Sophomore album by British Melodic Rock band ATLAS can now be purchased and streamed from today via all main record stores and digital streaming sites! 

Get your signed copy directly from the band: https://atlasmusicuk.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-love

Europe: https://www.aorheaven.com/index.php/englisch_b/atlas-parallel-love.html

Spotify stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/20VVhsV9QbAPkH9R2DBGjK?si=7DwREToORlmUMMDNJM23Bg

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This is very nice. Shame I missed the debut. Thanks @Stefan  for sharing.

Kudos to @JThorley for coming around and posting up stuff to support his band plus.


After a couple more spins of both songs in this thread, they are very infectious, well structured and I am certainly smitten by the  guitar tone and the tasty solo's.

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