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Hell In The Club - Hell Of Fame

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From Frontiers:

Italian hard rockers/heavy metallers Hell in the Club have announced the upcoming release of their new studio album, "Hell Of Fame" on September 4, 2020. Today, the band has also released the first single and video from the album, 'We'll Never Leave The Castle'. 

"With "Hell of Fame," we've tried a slightly different approach compared to "See you on the dark side". It is definitely more straight ahead album and I was honestly a bit skeptical about it at first. But as often happens, simple and instinctive thinking beat out overthinking. Expect a straight ahead, yet still addictive and exciting hard rock album with the familiar sound and trademark of Hell in the Club," says vocalist DAVE.

Adds bassist ANDY, "I'm very happy about the release of our fifth album. Obviouslyl I think it's a very good album, but mainly a very GENUINE one. We had a more direct approach this time and let the songs be more natural, with less frills than usual. I already love it as much as I love all our discography and I'm sure you'll like it as well!"

Hell In The Club is an Italian hard rock/heavy metal band who released their first album in 2011. "Hell Of Fame” is their fifth album and introduces their strongest material to date. Combining and taking to the next level the freshness of previous releases “Let The Games Begin” (2011) with the maturity of “Devil On My Shoulder” (2014) and “Shadow of the Monster” (2016) and the professional approach of 2017's “See You on the Dark Side” (their last album and most popular release to date), “Hell Of Fame” sees the band angling for the world stage. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studio in San Marino, Italy, the new album is an explosive hard rock statement.

With DAVE on vocals, ANDY on bass, PICCO on the guitar, and MARK on drums, HELL IN THE CLUB will delight you, they'll make you dance, sing, and bang your heads with their songs. What more could you want? Rock ‘n roll is all about fun and that is what is on display here.

Featuring members of acclaimed folk metallers Elvenking, progressive metallers Secret Sphere, and heavy metallers Eternal Idol, HELL IN THE CLUB have earned their place in the scene over the course of four albums, but their music stands out as something totally different: they mix classic hard rock and modern sounds, heavy metal and party songs, fifties rock’n’roll, and anything in between. Who said metal can't be fun?

Line-up: Dave - Vocals Andy - Bass Picco - Guitars Mark – Drums







1. We’ll Never Leave The Castle

2. Worst Case Scenario

3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

4. Joker

5. Last Of An Undying Kind

6. Nostalgia

7. Lullaby For An Angel

8. Mr. Grouch

9. No Room In Hell

10. Tokyo Lights

11. Lucifer’s Magic




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Always enjoy these guys,will check this out.

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Last album was good but often a little too hectic for my taste. Too much going on, too many different parts. Too less room for smooth and great melodies but overall fun to listen to.

Today I heard the new song and that went pretty much into the same direction. Then I listened to the Itunes samples and it seems like the first single is one of the weaker songs on the album, for me at least. 

"Less frills than unsual" is what shines in these samples. That's exactly what makes their music perfect for me. Reminds me of crazy lixx here and there and that's a great thing.

Worst Case Scenario



Tokyo lights

Lucifer's magic

These snippets sound like 10/10 for me, these choruses are great.

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If I remember right, the last album was surprisingly good. Both new songs sound like a pretty solid continuation. I'll be keen to check this one out. 

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Love Hell in the Club (and so does my teenage son)

That said, we both listened to "Nostalgia" and both though it was pretty mediocre

Have listened to it a few more times and it is growing on me a little, but it is nowhere near the quality of songs they usually put out

Like the first song much more..



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13 hours ago, Stefan said:

New video for 'Nostalgia'.



Something you'd hear on an episode of Stranger Things.

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Really enjoying this album,fav track is "Last Of An Undying Kind",they wear their influences on the sleeve as you can hear on "Here Today Gone Tomorrow"...it just screams Motley Crue,the production on this whole cd is great and they sound very good both musically and vocally,could prove to be my favourite full length by them over time...which is currently held by "Devil On My Shoulders."

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10 hours ago, Stefan said:

New lyric video for 'Worst Case Scenario'.



I like!

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9 hours ago, lettard said:

Really enjoying this album,fav track is "Last Of An Undying Kind",they wear their influences on the sleeve as you can hear on "Here Today Gone Tomorrow"...it just screams Motley Crue,the production on this whole cd is great and they sound very good both musically and vocally,could prove to be my favourite full length by them over time...which is currently held by "Devil On My Shoulders."

I enjoyed this album as well.  I've thought most of their prior releases were pretty good but after two spins this is probably my favorite from the band.   The lyrics might not appeal to everyone.  Kind of a horror/fantasy comic book theme running throughout.  But I found it to work well with the overall sound and it made for a really cool vibe throughout.  I picked up the same Crue influence on "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow".  My initial favorites are "Tokyo Lights" and "Last of An Undying Kind" but even the tracks that didn't entirely grab me (Nostalgia and Mr. Grouch) had segments that I liked.  I can see this one making my top 10 for the year.  

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Guess I never really paid attention to this band, but I wish they would make more songs like that We'll Never Leave The Castle. That reminded me so much of the Killer Dwarfs ala Keep That Spirit Alive, which is cool on a number of levels, mostly that the Hell In the Club guys other bands are quite removed from that fluffy hard rock.


The other 2 tunes are pretty generic to me I'm afraid and didn't grab me like the first one.

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