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The Complete Heavy Harmonies Spotify Playlists

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Hi guys,

after checking out that the main site has listed a whopping 20.000 CDs, i thought must be great if we can pick at least one excellent song and build a playlist out of it :D

so i'm starting to add songs one by one, please check them out and drop by your suggested songs/album that I missed. Some albums are not available in my country though


Here's the link in case anyone interested to check and help :

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / AOR up to year 1999


Rock Ballads up to year 1999


Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / AOR from year 2000 - now


Rock Ballads from year 2000 - now


Enjoy !

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Do you have it set so no duplicates can be added--can that be set?--because it's gonna be difficult to keep track of what's already in the playlist. 

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I don't think there's an option but normally I check regularly by typing a certain Artist to check out songs to avoid double, so far I think no duplicate

'New Ballads' reached 500 songs milestone :)

Just checked out the highly rated MAGNUM - Princess Alice and The Broken Arrow, well I think it's too safe and probably strictly for the fans as I only think 'When We Were Younger' and 'Inside Your Head' worth the addition




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Some additions from the PRIDE OF LIONS catalogue today, got several gems from the first two but struggling with the last two. Shame Jim Peterik unable to hit the height of SURVIVOR anymore

Also just checked out BLOODGOOD - All Stand Together, picked 'Escape From The Fire' and the two ballads as the best of the bunch, great album !


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Plenty of NEWMAN's albums are missing at Spotify and the latest compilation, Decade, was listed under a different artist but you can just type 'Newman Decade' in case anyone's interested. Got some classic gems out of the compilation. 'Ignition', 'Primitive Soul', and 'Siren' albums are available there.

Revisited SHY's self-titled album, the gem picks remain the same : 'Pray', 'Only For The Night', 'Over You', and 'Save Me'. A bit overrated at the main page and am happy with those 4 and maybe add the first 3 tracks to make a fantastic EP !

Can't believe it's 9 years since Steve Harris passed away and Tony Mills is also gone. Also too bad the great 'Excess All Areas' album is not available yet.

Anybody know what happened to Lee Small ? Too bad his solo album not listed in Spotify, i remember his rendition of 'End of The Road' is sensational !

Also got the chance to spin DIO's Strange Highways, what a shame, such a dreadful album with only one potential 'Bring Down The Rain' but that's not good enough for the playlist I guess :(
RIP Master Dio, and sadly that also went the same way with CHARLIE's 'No Second Chance'

BTW, Marcello / Vestry is not listed there but anybody who's dying for some gems from that album can browse and check FRANK VESTRY's compilation album

Some other additions this week :
CHEAP TRICK 'Tonight It's You' and 'Love Comes' from 'Standing On The Edge'
DIRTY LOOKS 'It's Not The Way You Rock' and 'Get It Right' from 'Cool From The Wire'
FOGHAT 'Drive Me Home' and 'Take It or Leave It' from 'Fool For The City'
FREAK OF NATURE 'Love Was Here' and 'Need'
Some songs from FREE SPIRIT 'All The Shades..' and FROZEN RAIN s/t
KISS 'Hell or Hallelujah' and 'All For The Love ..', two tracks that I like off 'Monster'
QUIET RIOT 'Run To You' and 'Don't Wanna Be Your Fool' from the 1988 self-titled with Paul Shortino
Several songs from ROB MORATTI's three solo albums and ROCKARMA 'Bring It'
STAGE DOLLS 'Queen of Hearts' and 'Shout' from 'Soldier's Gun'
Some goodies from T'BELL's one and only 'Replay' album and TUFF's fun debut
TNT 'Without Your Love' and 'Break The Ice' from 'Knights of The New Thunder'

Have a nice weekend boys

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Unfortunately, Dirty Looks' Five Easy Pieces is not on the Spotifies.

I don't get why Spotify will have only part of a discography, or, in the case of Harem Scarem's Big Bang Theory, only one song from an album. 

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On 7/17/2020 at 9:18 PM, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Unfortunately, Dirty Looks' Five Easy Pieces is not on the Spotifies.

I don't get why Spotify will have only part of a discography, or, in the case of Harem Scarem's Big Bang Theory, only one song from an album. 

Probably because of copyright ?

Well don't really mind cause I still have plenty of CDs to play and we have thousand of songs to choose anyway :D

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Checked out PETRA - Beyond Belief again and I think it's still a good album. Managed to add three tracks from the album, sadly the two ballads are not that strong, and love to explore more of their old discography. Anybody love this band ?

Next one is DARE - Beneath The Shining Water and strangely it is so frustratingly slow but not a bad album by any means, although it sounded too samey. I think 'Sea of Roses' and 'Silent Hills' are the best pick of the bunch

Added several fave tracks from GRAND DESIGN discography, strangely the replay value is quite low and I can only pick a few from the bunch, maybe the problem is the singer

Revisited TEN's classic 'The Name of The Rose', I think it's overrated and many songs are too long but definitely the early days are better. I picked 'The Rainbow', 'Standing In Your Light' and 'Turn Around'

CHER's 'Heart of Stone' definitely has many keepers to choose but her vocal IMHO not her strong suit. Enjoyable album but apparently not loved by many judging on the rating on the main page

THE POODLES 'Performocracy' suffered with many average verses, shame actually cause plenty has good verses. Best tracks for me here 'As Time Is Passing', 'Vampire's Call', 'Bring Back The Night', and 'Cuts Like A Knife'

Not overly convinced by the highly rated LOVERBOY 'Just Getting Started' cause I think the modern style doesn't really suit them but at least the three great ballads made their way to the list

QUEEN 'The Works' might be way too poppish but hard to deny that classic tracks like 'Radio Ga Ga' and 'I Want To Break Free' are really candy to my ears. Some other songs such as 'It's A Hard Life', 'Is This The World We Created ... ?' and 'Hammer To Fall' are equally fun!

UGLY KID JOE - America's Least Wanted is a very memorable album, especially during my high school years, and although stuffed with several fillers, some killer tracks like 'Neighbour', 'Busy Bee', 'Everything About You', 'Cats In The Cradle', and 'Mr. Recordman' definitely deserved some spots in the list

Got several gems as well from GUN discography. 'Word Up' is totally memorable song, reminded me of my high school year

Several random additions :
+ ALLIES - If You Believe
+ BOB CATLEY - End of The World
+ DEF LEPPARD - Waterloo Sunset and No Matter What
+ GARY MOORE - Once In A Lifetime and Run For Cover
+ GORKY PARK - Peace In Our Time
+ HELL IN THE CLUB - We'll Never Leave The Castle (new single)
+ RUSS BALLARD - Once A Rebel
+ TIGERTAILZ - Love Bomb Baby and Twist and Shake
+ URIAH HEEP - Angel


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It's become quite a common issue of songs being dropped by Spotify from our playlists without informing us. Has it happened to you also? Last week I had created a playlist comprising of 100+ songs and two days later I found out more than 25 songs had disappeared from the list. 

I read in their community site that it could be that licencing agreements with the artist/label, or ownership of rights must have changed or some other issues. Ok but what I don't understand is if they have removed a song from my playlist due to one of the reasons mentioned, then why is it that the song still exist on Spotify?!!!..and I am also able to add it again. It shouldn't exist on Spotify anymore, right? Baffles me. Also, I added 2 songs from Loverboy's Just Getting Started album to my playlist. One disappeared later. Again, if it was due to one of those licencing or agreement reasons then why werent both the songs removed, why only one. Sucks!! 

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Yes I once experienced it with DOKKEN Broken Bones, i think i got two tracks out of it and then it vanished but that's about all. Some good albums aren't available in my country, that's a shame

Anyway .. here's some thoughts and additions recently:

AC/DC 'Powerage' has three great tracks and I think 'Rock and Roll Damnation' and 'Up To My Neck In You' is the best pick.

CRYSTAL 'Collection' is a nice short compilation from the two albums they released in the 80s (but not in CDs I guess). Co-produced by Elefante brothers. I like half of the songs here and the rest ain't bad either. Hopefully someday they'll release the complete albums! 'One Life' and 'I'm A Dreamer' are two gems

GUN 'Gallus' is an interesting album. Too bad many songs are just good but not great. I think 'Steal Your Fire', 'Long Road', and the closing ballad 'Watching The World Go By' is the highlights!

HEAVY PETTIN 'Rock Ain't Dead' actually has potential but it's kinda ruined by the vocal. I think 'Sole Survivor' is the best track here and almost happy to add 'Rock Ain't Dead' and 'City Girl' but don't think it's good enough

HUNTER L.A Crossfire can be squeezed into one great EP. I like at least 4 tracks and another 2 ain't bad too. How good 'Long Nights' is .. just wow, sensational track !

SIC VIKKI 'Kiss Me In French' has at least 4 killer tracks (the rest is okay, nothing bad) and I really love the party vibe of 'Baby Talks Dirty', really took you to the height of late 80s when this album was actually released in 93 where that party was over lol and the closing acoustic track 'Cry' is just smooth, very nice !

SINNER 'Dangerous Games' is pretty good as a melodic rock album but strangely not really good enough to compete in the A league, if you know what I mean. Most of the songs are enjoyable and some tracks are decent enough to be added such as 'Concrete Jungle', title track, and 'Back In My Arms'

STAGE DOLLS 'Commando' is such a pleasant and silky smooth AOR album. Love the first two tracks, the slow-paced ballad 'Yesterday's Rain' is just gold, and 'Who's Lonely Now' is soothing. Couple of fillers but overall a great record !

STAN BUSH 'Shine' is a solid return to form, definitely among the top albums of 2004. 'The Chance You Take' is the clear winner, followed by 'I Will Be There', 'I Turn To You' and 'Say It Ain't Love'

Just discovered STEFFANIE 'Pink Noise' today, recommended by a friend, and she nailed a pretty good album with this. A little bit like a light version of commercial LOUDNESS, I think 4 tracks are worthy enough for the list. Will find time to check out her earlier album too

Random additions :
+ 17 CRASH - Brighter Day
+ ALLIES - Something In Your Eyes
+ BRIAN MCDONALD - I Don't Wanna Want Your Touch
+ GUNNER - From Heaven and Until She Comes To You
+ JUDAS PRIEST - Heading Out To The Highway and Hot Rockin'
+ KANSAS - Memories Down The Line
+ KINGDOM COME - several tracks from 'In Your Face' and 'Bad Image'
+ MARK SPIRO - several tracks from his latest compilation 'Best of + Rarities'
+ MICHAEL BOLTON - several goodies from early albums
+ RICK SPRINGFIELD - Living In OZ and Souls
+ RIO - I Don't Wanna Be The Fool
+ SHINING LINE - several tracks from this great project



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15 hours ago, Nightrain said:

HUNTER L.A Crossfire can be squeezed into one great EP. I like at least 4 tracks and another 2 ain't bad too. How good 'Long Nights' is .. just wow, sensational track !

Were Retrospect titles recently added? Every one I searched for wasn't on the Spotifies. I'll have to check again. 

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On 7/31/2020 at 8:35 AM, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Were Retrospect titles recently added? Every one I searched for wasn't on the Spotifies. I'll have to check again. 

I think some catalog exist but not all. Hopefully they got most of the classics, i missed many early CDs that have been sold out

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on to the list :

DEGARMO & KEY 'Streetlight' is surprisingly good and enjoyable although towards the end, it's packed with weak fillers, shame actually because it started pretty well and at least 3 tracks here were nailed for the list. The opening 'Every Moment' is a clear winner !

HARDREAMS 'The Road Goes On..' is better with a less-accented vocal actually but this album is pretty enjoyable especially 'Rebel Heart' and 'Bad Times Are Gone', but overall I don't think the whole album is a keeper. Same also goes with their other albums, you can pick one or two from each but that's about it

HARLOT 'Room With A View' has plenty of gems but I picked 4 strongest tracks here : 'Kecia', 'Out All Night', 'So Much For Happy Endings', and 'Bring Home Your Love'.

Several songs taken from HOUSTON's discography including the Reload covers. The latest track is also a nice addition and hopefully the whole album is a blast !

PREVIEW s/t really started strong but like most albums in the early 80s, they tend to go weaker in the second half but luckily it picked up toward the end. 'All Night' and 'So Blind' are two faves here and too bad FIORE's catalogue hasn't listed yet

SEVENTH KEY s/t is good but not really great. I think the follow-up is better but nevertheless, this album still hold some gems like 'When Love Is Dying' and 'Broken Home'

TONE NORUM 'One of A Kind' is definitely one of those albums that overall not really great (rated around 79%) but got several enjoyable gems especially ballads out of it for the list. I really like 'Stranded' and 'And I' and her girlish vocal (like ISSA) maybe not suitable for some but very interesting to check out, especially backed with the classic EUROPE gang

TRIUMPH 'Surveillance' is a cool album and 'Headed For Nowhere' is really superb, love that song ! Shame it's plodded with fillers in the middle. 'On And On' is also a classic, nice song

TWO FIRES 'Ignition' is a safe album, not really great, the debut is slightly better I recall, got the CD, shame that Spotify hasn't listed it yet. I like 'Somewhere Far Away' and 'This Night', and the very slow ballad 'I'm Falling' is pretty good as well but it works best if you play that after 3-4 heavy songs

UNRULY CHILD 'Worlds Collide' is pretty strange with several tracks packed with very average/awful verses but good choruses. Some gems worthy for the list are : 'Read My Mind', 'Tell Another Lie', 'Very First Time', and 'When We Were Young'

Random additions :
+ 220 VOLT - Young and Wild
+ BRYAN ADAMS - Hidin' From Love
+ FOGHAT - Drivin' Wheel
+ GARY MOORE - Always Gonna Love You and Falling In Love With You
+ GRAND PRIX - Give Me What's Mine and Somewhere Tonight
+ GURU - Straight To Your Heart
+ GYPSY ROSE - Promise To Stay
+ HARDREAMS - Count On Me
+ HARTMANN - Amazing and High On You
+ HEARTBREAK RADIO - My Hearts Just Missing You, I Will Love You, Love on Fire
+ LYNYRD SKYNYRD - I Know A Little, What's Your Name
+ PAUL SABU - Angeline and Cassie
+ ROUGH CUTT - Take A Chance, Never Gonna Die, and Piece of My Heart
+ SAVATAGE - Edge of Thorns, All That I Bleed
+ VAN HALEN - Stay Frosty


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ARCTIC RAIN 'The One' is one of those albums that has potential to be in the category of 'all killers, no fillers' although I can see room for improvement for some songs here. Picked around 5 tracks from the albums but could grow more with more spins. Excellent release !

HELL IN THE CLUB definitely has plenty of enjoyable tracks among the four released albums and the last single is also great. Happy to add the killer tracks from all albums, let me know if I missed some

HESS 'Just Another Day' and 'Living In Yesterday' are a pleasant release with an appropriate amount of pop element with the latter lean toward modern AOR. Some great tracks snapped from both albums !

HURRICANE 'Slave To The Thrill' remains my fave album of them although I can safely say that they're pretty mediocre compared to the giants of the 80s but at least 4 tracks are worthy for the list!

JOE LAMONT 'Secrets You Keep' has probably one of the worst and embarassing covers lol the first track is a nice cut and I think the ballad 'Victims of Love' is pretty nice as well. 'Enemy Lines', 'No Explanation' and 'One Rumor Too Many' are quite good but not enough to make it to the list. Quite overrated album on the main page I guess, a decent 74% is about right

KIP WINGER's Songs From The Ocean Floor and From The Moon To The Sun surely has a place in eclectic prog fans heart even though it's categorized AOR. Definitely hard to find any catchy and immediate songs here but if you have time to listen and learn, this could be rewarding. I picked the two harmless songs here : 'California' and 'Where Will You Go'

LIONVILLE 'Magic Is Alive' is another proof that they never disappoint. The first half is really strong, although the quality dip a bit in the second half, it's all a very solid release and I took away half of the songs for the list!

PALACE's first album is definitely the stronger one and I really love the ballads 'Part of Me' and 'Matter in Hand'. The second one is still good but hopefully they're able to top or exceed the debut in the future

RICHARD MARX 'Rush Street' is one delicious album on the border of pop rock and AOR. Four tracks go straight to the Ballads list and 'Take This Heart' is my real favourite.

Random additions :
ADRENALIN - Michael, Freedom Road
FASTWAY - The Stranger, All Fired Up
HEARTS ON FIRE - Falling Into You, Rainbow's End, Holding On
HEAVEN AND EARTH - I Don't Know What Love Is
HEAVEN'S GATE - We Want It All, We Got The Time
HELIX - Don't Get Mad, Get Even
HOLY SOLDIER - Dead End Drive, Crazy, See No Evil, Stranger
HOTEL - Blind Side of Love, How It Feels
HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS - We Should Be Making Love, Best of Me
HUGO - Crazy, Walk Away, We'll Find A Way
IRON MAIDEN - The Prisoner
RUSH - In The Mood, Bravado, Heresy


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FATE - Cruisin' For A Bruisin' is one of their best albums. My pick remains the same since I first heard this album many years ago : 'Diamond In The Rough', 'Lock You Up', 'Lovers', and 'Beneath Da Coconuts'.

GARY MOORE - After The War is a pleasant hard rock album with many uplifting songs (although there are couple too long tracks and maybe couple with a bit of folkish touch) and the 3 songs that I like plenty here are 'After The War', 'Livin on Dreams', and 'Ready For Love'. All are the obvious pick for the list

JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Damage Control is already 8 years old. Still a great album to enjoy and 'Bonafide' and 'If I Never Let Her Go' remain among my fave tracks here! 4 another rockin' tracks from this album for the list

JIMI JAMISON - When Love Comes Down is quite a frustrating debut considering I knew him from his SURVIVOR's work first cause this album probably only have 3 great songs and the rest are average and I had high expectation.

LILLIAN AXE - s/t is a pretty good debut but for me not as strong as the follow-up. Love the ballad 'Nobody Knows' and also several rockin' tracks here including the opener 'Dream of A Lifetime'

LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Second Helping catapulted their name with their mega hit 'Sweet Home Alabama' but this album has couple of rock and roll gems too such as 'Don't Ask Me No Questions' and 'Call Me The Breeze'. The rest is quite enjoyable but these 3 songs are enough for me.

ROBBY VALENTINE - Most Beautiful Pain could be painful to listener who's not familiar with QUEEN's symphonic style but for me this is a good album and I think there are at least 5 winners here

SWEET CHEATER - Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' is a good mix of RATT style with FASTER PUSSYCAT or KIX and a great release of 2006. The strongest pick is the opener 'All Fired Up', followed by 'Money's Tough', 'Subway Train', and 'It's Our Love'

TALK OF THE TOWN - s/t is a classic debut packed with strong tracks and lots can be taken off from this album for the list and I still remember how beautiful the song 'Undercover Love' is

TOYS OF JOY - One of These Days is surprisingly great, a really lovely AOR/westcoast gem. 'Watching Your Moves' is really excellent!

VOODOO X - The Awakening is a love/hate type of album, suffered with quite a few fillers, but it still possess some goodie gems too such as 'A Lover Like You', 'I'm On Fire', and 'What Can I Do'

Random additions :
+ BALANCE - Forever
+ CHARLIE - Call Me Dave
+ INTUITION - Night By Night, In Love Again, Southside
+ IT BITES - Still Too Young To Remember
+ IVO - Love Remains, Sun Behind The Rain
+ IZZY STRADLIN' - river
+ JOSHUA - Surrender Love, Your Love Is Gone, Show Me The Way
+ RAINBOW - All Night Long, Since You Been Gone, Lost In Hollywood
+ TEN - Wonderland, Till The End of Time
+ URIAH HEEP - All For One
+ VOODOO X - I'm On Fire


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BRIAN SPENCE - The Best of is the best way to start checking out the highlights of his career and I got several tracks for the list here. Good harmless AOR!

COREY HART - Fields of Fire is probably a harmless Lite AOR stuff but it's hard to pick even one great song here cause most of the songs are between average and good. Anyone has a favorite from this album ? I reckon the first song might be the best

HAYWIRE - Don't Just Stand There is still a good album despite its weakness compared to 'Bad Boys'. I like about 6 songs here and I guess 'Separate Dreams' is the stand out song

IDLE CURE - Tough Love is a weaker follow-up but still has quite a few gems such as 'Frontline', 'So Many Faces', 'How Long', and 'Draw The Line'

Picked some interesting songs off JAMES CHRISTIAN's 'Craving' and 'Lay It All On Me'. Will explore 'Meet The Man' later but too bad 'Rude Awakening' isn't listed yet

Some excellent tracks from PHENOMENA's first two albums including 'Surrender', 'Hearts on Fire', 'Stop!', and 'Who's Watching You'

RECKLESS No Frills contains at least 3 great tracks ('Nite After Nite', 'Crazy Over You', and 'Voices In The Night') and the rest is not bad. Glad Retrospect released it and good thing it's available on Spotify too.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet is very close to getting 80% from me. A solid and good release with several enjoyable tracks such as 'What Kind of Fool Am I', 'Don't Talk To Strangers', and 'The American Girl'

TROUBLE TRIBE - s/t is slightly rated better than the last time I rated it (probably 4 years ago) and I think there are lots of great songs that's worthy for the list such as : In The End, Tattoo, Red Light Zone, Boys Nite Out, One By One, and Here Comes Trouble

Random additions :
+ BAD CITY - Take Me For A Ride
+ BILLY SQUIER - Lonely One
+ DEF LEPPARD - Love, Tomorrow
+ JAMES LABRIE - Say You're Still Mine
+ JESSE DAMON - A Chance For Us
+ JETBOY - Locked In A Cage, The Way That You Moved Me
+ JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Song For Joey
+ LEE AARON - Danger Zone, Evil Game, Runnin' From The Fire
+ MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - I'm Gonna Make You Mine, Rock My Nights Away
+ SHOUT - Waiting On You, Ain't Givin Up
+ TALISMAN - In Make Believe, Sorry
+ VICTORY - Rockstar
+ WHITE WOLF - Just Like An Arrow


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On 8/28/2020 at 8:58 PM, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Only one song from Bad City? More than half that album should be added. 

After I spun it again couple weeks ago, I think the rest is pretty good but not really great you know. What other songs you think should be in ?

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ERIC MARTIN - s/t (85) is a nice debut and although plodded with 3-4 fillers, there are few treasures to listen here such as Information, Pictures, Secrets In The Dark, and Can't Hold On Can't Let Go

LANDFALL - The Turning Point (20) is a decent Brazilian melodic rock and I think at least 3 songs worth to listen here such as 'Sound of The City', 'No Way Out', and 'Rush Hour'

PERFECT PLAN - Time For A Miracle (20) is a great follow-up to the debut. I think the best pick here are Just One Wish, Don't Blame It On Love Again, Fighting To Win for the ballads and Every Time WeCry, What About Love, and Better Walk Alone for the uptempo

RUSS BALLARD - s/t (84) has six gems and songs that I pick are Two Silhouttes, A Woman Like You, Playing With Fire, The Last Time, Day To Day, and I Can't Hear You No More

STRYPER - Even The Devil Believes (20) is like the last two albums, nothing's groundbreaking, a bit modern and heavy, overall good but doesn't really make me want to quickly spin it again. 'Invitation Only' and 'Divider' is probably two songs that I think is best here

TRADIA - Trade Winds (88) is a good AOR album but I personally think is overrated. I favor some songs like 'Don't Play Your Ace', 'Exiles', 'Take The Chance', and 'Without You', but the rest is between fillers and okay

other additions :
+ ALTAR BOYS - Broken
+ AMY GRANT - Love of Another Kind
+ ARRIVAL - Don't Wanna Know
+ BLUE OYSTER CULT - Eyes on Fire
+ DARK SKY - Touching You
+ FRANK STALLONE - I Do Believe In You
+ HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - Who's Lying Now ?, Everything's Fine, Nr 8
+ HUNGRYHEART - One Ticket To Paradise, Stand Up, Man In The Mirror
+ JEFFERSON STARSHIP - Sorry Me, Sorry You
+ JOE LYNN TURNER - The Race Is On
+ KANSAS - Incident On A Bridge
+ LOVERBOY - Working For The Weekend
+ MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Tear Down The Walls
+ Q5 - Let Go, I Can't Wait, Cold Heart
+ RETURN - United In A Scream
+ ROBIN BECK - Love Me Like A Man
+ RUSH - Making Memories
+ SAGA - Only Time Will Tell
+ SHOOTING STAR - Where You Gonna Run, Standing In The Light
+ STEVE CAMP - Upon This Rock
+ STRANGER - I Surrender
+ TOUCH - The Sweetest Victory
+ VAIN - On The Line, Keep Shining On, Lie For Love
+ VENUS & MARS - Someday You'll Come Running
+ YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Carry On Wayward Son


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9 hours ago, Nightrain said:

After I spun it again couple weeks ago, I think the rest is pretty good but not really great you know. What other songs you think should be in ?

"Fire in the Pouring Rain" is a must!

But my other favourites are "Touch" and "Straight to the Grave." Unfortunately, the bonus tracks aren't on the Spotifies, 'cause those are amazing. 

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On 9/11/2020 at 8:56 PM, KarpetRydOFunk said:

"Fire in the Pouring Rain" is a must!

But my other favourites are "Touch" and "Straight to the Grave." Unfortunately, the bonus tracks aren't on the Spotifies, 'cause those are amazing. 

alright, will check out again those 3 tracks. Looks like the band dissolved now, yes ? Haven't heard a new album from them

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11 hours ago, Nightrain said:

alright, will check out again those 3 tracks. Looks like the band dissolved now, yes ? Haven't heard a new album from them

Yeah, they're def done. 

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update : 18 Sept 20

BONFIRE - Strike X (01) is a decent release in the new millennium. Definitely can't touch their peak years but I don't mind several songs such as 'Anytime You Cry', 'Damn You', 'Until The Last Goodbye', and 'Strike Back'

DEGARMO & KEY - The Peldge (89) is not as strong as 'Street Light' but some tracks (mostly ballads) are pretty good such as : 'Hand In Hand', 'If God Is For Us', 'I'm Accepted', and 'Aliens & Strangers'

DREAMER - Full Metal Racket (91) is a forgotten gem which reminds me of early ICON or DOKKEN. Love plenty of their songs here and took almost half of the albums for the list

JEFF PARIS - Wired Up (87) is a truly wonderful album and packed with killer tracks such as 'I Can't Let Go', "Charmed Life' and the three sensational ballads 'A Matter of Time', 'Cryin' (yes the VIXEN one), and 'One Night Alone'

JIMI JAMISON - Never Too Late (12) still remained my top pick of 2012 and it's a pleasant to give thisalbum another spin and more than half of the songs here really belong to the playlist. RIP Jimi :(

JOEY TEMPEST - A Place To Call Home (97) is a laidback attempt of EUROPE's frontman and I don't mind several songs such as 'Don't Go Changing On Me', 'Elsewhere', 'Harder To Leave ..', 'Lord of The Manor', and 'Under The Influence'

JOHN SYKES - Loveland (97) is also a laidback effort of John Sykes and 4 ballads picked for the playlist, including his rendition of 'Please Don't Leave Me' which became 'Don't Hurt Me This Way' here

JON ANDERSON - In The City of Angels (88) is a very laid back and soft albums but can't stop listening to beautiful tracks like 'In A Lifetime', 'Hold On To Love', 'Is It Me', and 'For You'

MICHAEL BOLTON - Everybody's Crazy (85) got plenty of gems such as the uptempo 'Don't Tell Me It's Over', 'You Don't Want Me Bad Enough', 'Save Our Love' and the two ballads : 'Call My Name' and 'Desperate Heart'. Couple of fillers but all in all, a great 80%-ish album !

SANTA CRUZ - Screaming For Adrenaline (13) is their biggest achievement and it's only a debut. Shame they went the modern path which I don't like but man this debut is truly superb. Added 6 tracks straight away!

TALK OF THE TOWN - Reach For The Sky (98) may not be as strong as the eponymous debut released 10 years earlier but nevertheless it still has some killer songs such as 'Top of The Mountain', 'You Hide Your Love', 'Broken Promises', and 'Waiting'

other additions :
+ ADRENALIN - Gimme Your Heart, Road of The Gypsy
+ AFFAIR - Face To Face
+ BONNIE TYLER - If You Were A Woman, Before This Night Is Through
+ CHRIS THOMPSON - Secrets In The Dark
+ DAKOTA - The Ride, Luck Time and Mind, Hot Summer Night
+ ENUFF Z'NUFF - Fatal Distraction
+ FANDANGO - Cadillac, Don't Waste My Time
+ HIGH TENSION - Leather Beauty
+ HUGO - Anyone In Love, Our Love Will Be There
+ IRON MAIDEN - Rainmaker, Wildest Dreams
+ JIMI ANDERSON GROUP - Best For Me, Where Do We Go From Here, Feel Like Letting Go
+ JOE SATRIANI - Crushing Day, Always With Me Always With You
+ JOE WALSH - In My Car
+ JOEL HOEKSTRA's 13 - Until I Left You, Long For The Days
+ JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE - Rocket of Love, Wild Life
+ LE MANS - Love Is A Waste of Time, Don't Wanna Work, Love Lies
+ LEVITICUS - Isn't It Love ?
+ MISHA CALVIN - Put A Little Faith In Me
+ SHA-BOOM - Night After Night
+ THRILLS - Changing My Ways
+ TOBRUK - Burning Up, Two Hearts on The Run, Cry Out In The Night
+ VENUS AND MARS - The Last Time, Dancing On The Highwire


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BROTHER FIRETRIBE - Feel The Burn (20) is still a nice follow-up and maybe a little bit too poppish this time but all (maybe most) tracks are enjoyable but somehow I get the strange feeling of getting enough of them and if they continue this trend, I don't think it's interesting anymore. Nevertheless, I like the first two singles and also 'Arianne', 'Bring On The Rain', and 'Ticking Away'

DEEP PURPLE - Slaves and Masters (90) might not be a good album to the 70s fans but for me, I think it's pretty good and some tracks are great enough to be added such as 'Wicked Ways', 'Fire In The Basement', and 'The Cut Runs Deep'

HELLOISE - Cosmogony (85) was rated high at the main page but IMHO it's a good heavy metal album, not more. I like several songs like 'Run A Mile', 'Gates of Heaven', 'For A Moment', 'Ready For The Night', and the title track

JUNKYARD - Old Habits Die Hard is a collection of cool songs from the mid 90s and tracks like 'Hangin Around', Tried and True', 'Take Me Home', and 'Holdin' On ' worth a space in the list

ROKO - Fantasy (96) is a decent AOR/Pop album, a departure from their early hard rock root and a goodimprovement over the average 'Think About Tomorrow' (94) release. Good to snap some ballads off this album for the list but not really recommended for the whole album cause it's a snooze-fest :D

SKAGARACK - A Slice of Heaven (89) is a very nice (maybe forgotten) Scandi melodic rock. I love the uptempo 'Anytime, Anywhere', 'Answer To Your Prayers', 'My Way or The Highway' and the ballad 'Open Your Eyes'

SKEW SISKIN - s/t (92) is a forgotten hard rock gem and surprisingly I like at least 6 uptempo tracks here and not saying that it's a 9/10 or 9.5/10 materials but a solid 8 to 8.5 and definitely enjoyable

TERRY BROCK - Back To Eden (01) is really great. There are at least 6 gems to love here such as 'We Invented Love', 'Back To Eden', 'Another Chance', 'Forever Now', 'I Should've Known', and 'Waiting'

VANDENBERG debut is perhaps the best of the first three and I think tracks like 'Burning Heart', 'Lost In A City', 'Nothing To Lose', and 'Ready For You' are really great.

W.A.S.P debut is clearly their best and hard to top that. The few follow up albums has some gems too but nothing as consistent as this. 'Animal Fuck Like A Beast', 'I Wanna Love Somebody', 'Hellion', 'The Flame', 'L.O.V.E Machine' - all classics!

other additions :
+ ALYSON AVENUE - I Still Believe, When Dreams Fall Apart
+ AUTOGRAF - Oh My Boy
+ BAD CITY - Touch, Straight To The Grave
+ BAD SISTER - Talk To You Later
+ EDDIE MONEY - Take Me Home Tonight
+ FIONA - You're No Angel, Hang Your Heart On Me
+ HARLEQUIN - Innocence
+ HIROSHIMA - Tell Me What You Want, Broken Heart, Forever
+ JASON BONHAM BAND, THE - Holding On Forever
+ JIMMY BARNES - I Wanna Get Started With You
+ PRISM - Don't Let Him Know
+ PRIVATE LIFE - Last Heartbeat
+ ROSSINGTON - Returned To The Scene of The Crime
+ SAXON - Power and The Glory,
+ SPYS - Rescue Me
+ Various great tracks from JOHN WAITE early albums as well as the newer one
+ WHITE SISTER - Troubleshooter, A Place In The Heart


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FASHION POLICE - Calling All The Shots (92) is pretty good forgotten gem, reissued by Sun City, the sound is quite similar to POISON and PRETTY BOY FLOYD. I like 3 songs here : 'Destination : Sunset Blvd', 'Days and Nights', and 'Alone/Together'

FIERCE HEART - War of The World (2020) surprised me especially the first half which is really strong. IMHO. Sadly, it veers off to an average ending but I think songs like 'Lost Inside Your Love', 'Power To Rock', 'Out For Blood', and 'Built For Speed' deserved to be in the list.

KEE OF HEARTS - st (17) still sounds great after 3 years and maybe I've been missing classic FAIR WARNING way too much. Plenty of tracks added!

KENNY LECKREMO - Spectra (18) is definitely not H.E.A.T contender but always happy to hear Kenny's voice. After revisiting this album, I'll say I still like some tracks here such as '10 Years', 'Nothing To Die For', 'We Were Young', and 'Losing'

KILLER DWARFS - Dirty Weapons (90) is a hard rock gem, maybe forgotten by many, though as I recall, this is probably their only great album ? CMIIW. I dig plenty songs here but the best 4 tracks I think are : Dirty Weapons, Doesn't Matter, Last Laugh, Comin' Through

SURGIN' - When Midnight Comes (85) is a good melodic rock album which reminds me of early BON JOVI and one of the songs 'Shot Thru The Heart' was co-written by Ponti. I like some other songs like 'Hot Nights' and 'Hands of Time'

WILD SOULS - Queen of My Heart (20) is a nice Greek melodic rock surprise. Some hooks reminded me of 80s WHITESNAKE and overall a good album, need improvement but i see the potential. I love 'Hold Me Tight', 'Love Ain't No Lie', and 'Nothing But Loving You'

other additions :
+ BLACKFOOT - Fly Away, Rattlesnake Rock N Roller
+ KEE MARCELLO - Don't Miss You Much
+ KEEL - Speed Demon, Back To The City
+ KELLY KEELING - Take Me To The Limit, Still Need You In My Arms
+ KICK - Time, Praying For The Day, Painless
+ KING COMPANY - One For The Road, Holding On
+ KING JAMES - Hard Road To Go, The Prisoner
+ KING KOBRA - Knock em Dead, The Ballad of Johnny Rod, Take Me Back, The Crunch
+ PRIMAL FEAR - I Will Be Gone
+ RON KEEL - Dreams Are Not Enough
+ TEN - Give In This Time, Black Hearted Woman
+ TONY MITCHELL - Living On The Run
+ TRASH - Hot Legs Black Stockings


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