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    • Some of my faves,some have longer,epic intros,some are simply too catchy: Magnum - Days of no trust Van Halen - Dreams Atlantic - Can't hold on White sister - Promises Ac dc - Hells bells GNR - November rain WASP - Inside the electric circus Winger - In the day we'll never see Theocracy - Tower of ashes Iced earth - Melancholy 1st Avenue - Going for the gold Cutting crew - The scattering Avantasia - Sign of the cross Roxus - Stand back Ensiferum - Into battle Helloween - Invitation/Eagle fly free Asia - Arena Harem scarem - Stranger than love Red dawn - Flying high Def Leppard - Hysteria Giant - Innocent days Lillian axe - true believer Beggars and thieves - No more broken dreams Tesla - love song Kamelot - Centre of the universe Bruce Springsteen - Born to run Journey - Escape Stryper - Abyss/To hell with the devil Queensryche - Eyes of a stranger Ozzy - Diary of a madman Heartland - Paradise Chris Eaton - Vision Tyketto - Burning down inside Petra - Beyond belief White lion -Lights and Thunder Meat loaf - Out of the frying pan LeBrock - Interstellar Alias - Waiting for love Aquaria - And let the show begin Angra - Nova era Charlie -Never too late Dokken - Kiss of death House of lords - Sahara Christopher Cross - Sailing Joshua - Stand alone Strangeways - Where are they now Dare - Runaway Gibonni - Nije vrime od nedije Eros Ramazzotti - Dove ce musica Europe - The final countdown Whitesnake - Still of the night Deep purple - Stormbringer Toys of joy - Watching your moves Genesis - throwing it all away Toto - Home of the brave Fate - Can't stand losing you Chicago - Waiting for you to decide Virgin steele - Veni vidi vici Sabaton - Primo victoria Walk on fire - Heart of gold Kiss - Turn on the night  
    • The Toi - Water Into Wine Overloud - Altered Ego
    • Dunno if Giant's "I'm a Believer" was already posted, as there are a lot of videos no longer working.   
    • I agree. The more rocking guitars suit them well. This is year's best for me.
    • Burning Witches - Warlock
    • The Wild Life, will never be released on DVD and its fucking sad, many EVH tracks in that movie including Donut City
    • ...and it's loaded with great music. Plus - Back in 1982. Petra released their "More Power to Ya" album. 30 years later, Classic Petra got back together with Greg X Volz at the helm again for a series of concerts. Is it possible that Volz's voice was even better in 2012 than it was in 1982? We'll let you decide. And in 1989, Mike interviewed the lead singer and guitarist of a band that was a one-hit wonder - but at the time of the interview, their one hit was a pretty big deal. We'll hear a clip of the interview and the song. Plus, is it Daniel Band - or is someone else?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THS1F06TH5E
    • this album is superb. that is all
    • one of the great project of hard rock music. Damn i really love Jelusick's voice...
    • They must have been listening to Gary Moore...    
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