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Tanna - Storm In Paradise


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Album out August 28 through AOR Heaven.

From FB:

Have you ever heard of Pudasjärvi? I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t! Anyways, that’s the name of the small town with population of 10000 people, where it all started from years ago…

Tapani Tikkanen was born there and it was hardly a place where bands came from in Finland at that time. But when Tapani was about ten years old, he got into music – Elvis, Rolling Stones won his heart. One thing lead to another and after a while they had a high-school band playing at the local parties and so on.

In 1982, the first own album “Anyway You Want It” with the band IC-Rock became reality. They also released the album “Hard Beat” and the single “Young Girl’s Eyes” in 1984.

After IC had broken-up, Tapani launched the group TANNA. The idea behind the name is simple: this has been Tapani’s nickname since he was a kid. Their first album “Unelmien Viidakossa” (1985) was an instant success. Many people said that the album sold clearly gold, but under very shady circumstances the record company went bankrupt and no-one ever really got to know the real sales. The big “Coca-cola Tour” followed and lasted months. TANNA played in every town with a big show, bombs, great lights, dancing girls and everything. They even had their own fan club and magazine called “Tanna-Life.” The second album “Tanna Live” was recorded in Helsinki from the last show of the tour. The third album “Onnensoturi” (1987) was also a success and many tours followed. TANNA in total have done more than 700 gigs.

After breaking up 1989, Tapani formed Rainbow-discoteam. This was a big disco show where he was the DJ. At the same time he wrote new music for different projects, for example a single called “Everyone’s A Winner”, which is still played at many sport events for the winning team. He also wrote four albums of football music for F.C. Rainbow just for fun! At that time Tapani moved to Oulu.

1993 brought TANNA back with their new album “Eedenistä Itään” with a different line-up and was more or less a project and which lasted only about two years.

In 2004 the time was right for…PRAYER. PRAYER made three albums (“Wrong Address” (2005) , “Danger In The Dark” 2012) and the single “Silent Soldiers” a couple of years ago.

And now, Tapani is back with the new band, new sound, new album, new line-up, new TANNA, from Oulu, Finland! The recordings began 2019 at Soundmix Studio, Oulu by Mika Pohjola, who also plays the keyboards on the album. The producing and mixing took place there as well by Tapani and Mika. The album was mastered at Chartmakers, Helsinki by Svante Forsbacka. The cover art was designed by Tamara Picardo.



1. Storm In Paradise
2. Silhouettes
3. Run Like Hell Tonight
4. Like Kim Kardashian
5. Hispaniola (Treasure Island) 
6. This Town Ain ́t Big Enough 
7. Mysterious Fire
8. On The Backstreets
9. Sharks In The Water
10. Lonely Day
11. Old And Grey
12. The Last Mile
13. Nights On The Road

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Outstanding in my opinion.   I love this CD which in a way, reflects some of what I hear in the PRAYER CDs.   I.C. Rock was good, but this CD hits a new level.   Tapani's unique vocals are the key that sets this off with a band that compares to either LEVERAGE or BROTHER FIRETRIBE.


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