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VOODOO VEGAS - "Feeling So Good" (2020)


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UK quintet VOODOO VEGAS are back with their new album, “Feeling So Good“, continuing their assault on classic, catchy hard rock. A British band taking their cue from acts from the Sunset Strip circa 86-91 – read Cinderella, Skid Row and Ratt – Voodoo Vegas do more than stand their ground… in fact, they’re taking ground.

With the new punchy and bombastic affair, Voodoo Vegas are quickly becoming “the band to watch”.

The album opens with a song title more suited to a ballad, but looks can be deceiving, as ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ is a ballsy hard rock swagger. Up front, in your face and bold, ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ is a “party starter” and a raucous rocker that will make listeners sit up and take notice.

‘Revolution’ thunder stomps its way into view, coming straight out the 80s sleazy rock genre with just a little hint of blues. Voodoo Vegas have grown since formed a decade ago, and it can be heard in the maturity of their songs. And yes, it took only two songs to realize that.

’Follow Your Leader’ capitalises on this new found maturity by exploring more mellow territory, almost power ballad in its delivery, but just remains heavy enough to stay in the hard rock genre.

Swaggering into view, ‘Puppet’ is an up tempo and highly energetic sleazy rock romp. Everything that makes the genre the spectacle it is, you’ll find here. Voodoo Vegas may have an American influence, but they are from Britain, and the hard edged rock they play is distinctly British.

‘Pretender’ is reminiscent of American rock giants Aerosmith – big riffs, punchy, crunchy and the swaggering rhythm that just oozes sleaze. Chiming in at over six minutes in length ‘How Much Is Enough’ is a slower, much heavier foot stomp than anything heard so far. A punchy blues driven riff drives this song, and if this was played at a barn dance, the lights would be turned down low, and everyone would be slow dancing.

‘World Keeps Turning’ is a one minute tension filled, atmospheric build up that acts as an intro for ‘Who I Want To Be’ – a swaggering, staggering, extremely catchy head nodder. This will make everyone singing the chorus, such is its infectiousness.

The title song ‘Feeling So Good’ toes the borderline of the blues rock genre, maintaining a massive melodic edge. And of course keeps alive the British rock punch that the album has in absolute abundance.

Rollicking into life and thundering along all bluesy and funky, ‘Come On Over’ will wake up any party that’s gone stale. It’s lively and energetic and will entertain and thrill party goers of all ages.
The album ends with another six minutes plus song, the huge riffing, end of the party anthem ‘Love Shines’. A fitting end to an album of constant party feel, a happy album with all the ingredients needed to take on the might of the American sleazy hard rock giants – and win…

“Feeling So Good” is so good. And I feel good to able to report that fact. Even better, it is a timely reminder that Voodoo Vegas are still around, still have plenty to say, and they belong up there with the best of UK hard rock.

Highly Recommended


01 – Don’t Need Your Love
02 – Revolution
03 – Follow Your Leader
04 – Puppet
05 – Pretender
06 – How Much Is Enough
07 – World Keeps Turning
08 – Who I Want to Be
09 – Feeling so Good
10 – Come on Over
11 – Love Shines

Lawrence Case – Vocals
Meryl Hamilton – Guitar
Jon Dawson – Guitar
Ash Moulton – Bass
Martin Ramsey – Drums
additional musicians:
Paul Mahon (The Answer) – Guitar on ‘Love Shines’
Mike Rigler – drums


Pre Order:

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Yeah these guys(and lady) are pretty good,have their "Rise Of Jimmy Silver" cd,nice to hear how they've progressed,may pick this one up  :)

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