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XIX Years - Never Fall Again EP


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    • Loved his Dear Sanity album...this is different but still worth a listen  
    • According to their Spotify bio Fail The Game are an American rock sensation from L.A who are proud to be working with Swedish multi platinum writer and producer Tommy Denander. On Tommy's facebook page he says he is writing and producing for these guys. They have been releasing a new track every 2 weeks and have 8 in total out, 2 more to come then an album will be released with a further 2 tracks. Not the AOR sound we know Tommy for but i love it, check them out, good stuff.                  
    • Not bad. Not a monster track--and certainly nothing that competes with their debut album--but it suits the current Brave sound/style. It doesn't set my speakers on fire, but it doesn't make me reach for the Skip button either. A solid, serviceable Christian rock song. (Maybe that's damning with faint praise?)
    • Aw sweet! This song is also on Spotify
    • The only thing I would say is, much like the A&R men at the big labels back in the day who would recieve 1000s of demos ... just because they recieve them, does not mean they actually look at them. From memory, Erik did not approach Skid Row, they approached him. And let's face it, these days most of the 80s bands are almost incestuous with the way they share members (I mean, how many bands has Jizzy been in, and I bet he did not send in an application to join those bands). Yeah there is a shit load of work outside the performance, but I think stuff like people sending in applications usually just end up getting filed in the trash bin rather than be taken seriously. I mean if you are in a band like Warrant, Ratt, Quiet Riot or Great White, do you really wanna consider Bob from Idaho as your singer or guitarist or are you gonna go for one of your more established acquaintences?
    • Sounds like a little punk bitch I know with a city in his name!
    • That's it. Trump by a record landslide.  The photo of him, fist raised, blood on his face with the American flag behind him is one of the most iconic and historic images you'll ever see.
    • Jizzy Pearl discusses the Skid Row situation… Some good points, particularly about how people don’t think about what goes on before and after the shows; it’s a lot more than just going out and belting it out for 90 minutes or so. 
    • “As Good as It Gets” This one doesn’t suck, it’s just thoroughly “meh”.    I guess I’ll toss my copy in the car and give it a few complete spins to see if anything besides “Up On You”  is worth listening to…
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