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Rocket Queen - Back To The 80's EP

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Review from cgcmpodcast.com (by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall):

Back To The 80s

In a day that EPs are the thing to do, it’s easy to miss them.  They appear, and then poof! They’re gone. Fortunately, I found this one, and the cover caught my eye. As most of the readers know, I am a HUGE fan of that ’80s sound, and era, and this one seemed right in my wheelhouse.

A Brief Background

Born from the ashes of the group Miss December, The Rocket Queen gang is heavily influenced by the sounds of the ’80s & ’90s.  Hailing from Zaragoza, Spain, Dolly Glam (Vocals), Gabi Bultaco (Guitar), Gaby Gonzalez (Guitar) Arturo Millán (Bass) and Carmelo Echarri (Drums) first entered the studio in 2015 to record their first EP titled First Round. Since then, like many other bands, they went through some lineup changes and have continued to work in festivals and concerts with many well-known artists.

4 Tracks of ’80s Awesomeness

Back to the 80s is a four-track EP that has those sound bites that any fan of the genre craves.  Slick guitars, slamming drums, killer bass lines, and slick, harmonic vocals. The title track has it all. Female vocals could sit along with other female vocalists such as Lee Aaron and Lita Ford just to name a few.

“Little Treasures” follows the title track with leading drums and a great attack from duelling guitars. The production of this EP is worth a mention here as well!  Nothing seems to be buried and it’s very slick without being overdone.

Side Two

“Broken Heart” is another great track featuring some stellar guitar work, not to detract from the rest of the group, however. Aside from the riffs, and pinch harmonics, the drums are pounding here, and the vocals are above reproach. This very well could be a personal favourite from the EP.

Rounding out this EP is “Feel the Night”.  Yet another great ending to an EP. Energetic, and fist-pounding! This track is single-worthy representing everything that the band says they are influenced by. This track just oozes the ’80s and is a great way to end an EP leaving the listener wanting more!  Great job!


One can only hope that this is a taste of a possible full-length album from Rocket Queen. If this is the sound that they have, then I do want more. However, knowing the industry, and how bands have to raise the money to record these days, I’m truly praying that this EP sells well, and creates a buzz to be able to raise those funds!  Until then, I’ll just sit, raise my fist in the air, and go Back To The 80s!



Dolly Glam – Vocals

Gabi Bultaco – Guitars

Gaby Gonzalez – Guitars

Arturo Millán – Bass

Carmelo Echarri – Drums








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