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From Frontiers:

Black Rose Maze is singer Rosa Laricchiuta’s very own hard rock project. The album is comprised of driving hard rock that backs up Rosa’s unbelievably powerful voice. This self-titled debut album is a showcase of Rosa’s own songs, together with a few cuts which were penned for Rosa by the likes of Clif Magness (Steve Perry, Avril Lavigne), Nasson (Chaos Magic, Sinner’s Blood), and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, JORN, Revolution Saints etc.). Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio, this awesome record should not be missed by anyone who has a penchant for melodic hard rock with a contemporary edge.

Says Laricchiuta, “I am honoured to introduce my very first full rock album and cool collaboration with insanely talented musicians, vocalists, and writers from all over the world! I am so excited it’s almost here!” 

“It took me some time to write 'In The Dark' simply because it speaks to truth about a time in my life where I felt trapped and alone. A time when I broke free from emotional abuse,” she continues about the first single.

Rosa Laricchiuta is a singer, songwriter, and performer from Montreal, Quebec. After several years cutting her teeth with live shows, she auditioned for the third season (2015) of "La Voix", Quebec's version of the popular TV show "The Voice”. Rosa had an instant connection with the legendary francophone rocker Éric Lapointe and chose him as her coach. Rosa showed a solid stage presence, with remarkable intensity and a voice so powerful it sent her straight to the Grand Finale where she shared the stage with Def Leppard, Kelly Clarkson, Jean Leloup, and her idol, Melissa Etheridge. She left a lasting impression as she won over millions of viewers who named her the new "it" female rocker of Quebec.

She then released one album in the Quebec market before beginning work on her first English language album in 2016. That album, “Free" was released the following year and at the end of the year, she joined the popular American band Trans-Siberian Orchestra for their annual mega tour of the United States. Rosa was then brought to the attention of Frontiers by none other than fellow Trans-Siberian Orchestra bandmates and now label mates, Dino Jelusick (Animal Drive) and Jeff Scott Soto – who also makes a guest vocal appearance on the album. 



1. In The Dark
2. Laws Of Attraction (Feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
3. Let Me Be Me
4. Free
5. Look At Me Now
6. Maze
7. Let Me Go
8. Only You
9. Earth Calling
10. You Can't Stop Me
11. Call Me Now

Rosa Laricchiuta - Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Bass, keyboards
Andrea Seveso - Guitars
Michele Sanna - Drums
Erika Ceruti - Backing vocals
Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals on “Laws Of Attraction”





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Nothing amazing but not bad either. Nice voice and guitar solo

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New song 'Laws Of Attraction' feat. Jeff Scott Soto.



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On 6/3/2020 at 5:42 PM, Aordave89 said:

Nothing amazing but not bad either. 

Haha, exactly what I was going to say. Nothing bad about this one, but it's not great either. Solid stuff. 

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5 hours ago, Geoff said:

Haha, exactly what I was going to say. Nothing bad about this one, but it's not great either. Solid stuff. 

Great minds and all that Geoff!

But yeah as you say, solid stuff and it’s reminded me to check the album out. 

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Not many keepers on this one for me, but I do really like this song;


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    • I love first two albums. Great melodic rock/AOR with Kennys soulful Mark Free meet Steve Overland type of voice.  I guess I prefer more melodic sound. And I love albums with Erik too. Especially Adress the nation is great. Erik has more rocking voice,like Mats Leven. I agree that Erik definitely has more energy on stage and presence,but I'm glad to see Kenny back,and especially cause he's not fat anymore! Haha. Looking good.  We will see how it turns out,but I have good vibes about this. It's good that Kenny is replacing Erik and not some other dude.  
    • Other than the part about seeing them live, you took the words out of my mouth.  Personally, I don't think Kenny's albums hold a candle to any of the ones with Erik.  This is terrible, terrible news.
    • Erik was the better singer but loved Kenny as well. 
    • I suppose I'm the only one excited by this? There's no mention of why he's left, though. Was it amicable; did they kick him out? It clearly wasn't an overnight decision, I mean they got Kenny back! And had time for a photo shoot.  And, damn, he's looking good. Not just lost some weight, but the dude is ripped. 
    • Hmm, for all these years I thought fans preferred Kenny. Guess I was wrong about that, lots of folks are really upset that Erik left. They're both tremendous vocalists and talented as hell and I'm excited to hear what Kenny can bring after so many years away from the band. It sucks that Erik is moving on but really cool that they brought Kenny back. Also the release and the photos of Erik handing the microphone to Kenny are super classy, you don't see that sort of thing often.
    • Probably not the best day to be listening to new music as I feel like I just got run over by a semi after the H.E.A.T news, but gave this album a spin and just not doing much for me.  I like the vibe of the music itself but not really getting into the singer for whatever reason.  There's a couple okay tunes but nothing I got the urge to add into my playlist.   Maybe I'll try it again when I'm in a better mood.
    • The Revenge Of Rock out January 22nd, 2021.  
    • New song 'I Fell Out Of Love With Rock 'n' Roil' out in a few hours.    
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