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    • Making of 'Wide Awake (In My Dreamland)' Part 2.      
    • Sorry but got two as joint winners      
    • Video is "not available in my country". What's the name of the song?
    • Bro, I fucking post this shit on here, acting all shocked about this brand new band I have discovered and my extreme confusion towards their music, then on a gut feeling I go look in a rack of shit that Ive purchased and never listened to, literally everything in this rack never got taken out of the wrap, and there sits this album, and Moonraker, never even gave them a second worth of listens, I feel like I'm about the biggest phony on here, I really am and do feel like I'm just a fucking idiot, anyways, spinning this one today, then I'll work into the next CD, this really is a good disc, kind looking like this may be the standout track on this one, I get back after Moonracker, prob tomorrow
    • I know I'm really stretching it out on this one, but the other day I caught the end of A video for a song that I absolutely thought was one of the most killer fucking songs of it's genre, I even put it in many of my AOR and rock playlists, though it was clearly Alt + Modern Rock, it never pretends to be anything else, but something about this song, even back in Junior High, set itself apart from all the other garbage of the same genre that was swallowing us in massive droves back around 93 to 95, I thought this song was not only so much different  then the rest of the genre, but it went a step beyond, and was actually a good song, if you could look past the obvious Alt and modern influences, it's a song that gets stuck in my head all the fucking time, a song shrouded in mystery, as I to this day have never figured out what the lyrics are completely about, I love this fucking song, and I got real curious how my metal and AOR brethren felt about and towards this completely fucking catchy and awesome song??? of course the song is Black Metallic. it is if not anything else, an awesome fucking borderline pop song.  
    • Yeah, know what you mean. Really hard to get these tunes out of your system... Guess that's what they call a guilty pleasure... 😉 Have you heard the follow up album "Moonraker"?
    • Nominations aren't announced so what happens is a politician who made the nomination 'leaks' that they did it. Means diddly squat. If any of us were in a position to we could nominate leykis101 and leak it.   
    • I haven't seen either, but I've heard good things 
    • Early part of Romper Stomper, the skins verses the Asians
    • We All DIE Young- Steelheart
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