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I always forget about him when I discuss awesome guitarists, im usually to busy dropping Harry Cody and Marc Richard Diglios names, anybody else a fan of Vitos style?

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Hear a lot Eddie, when I hear a solo by Vito.

Sidenote I read somewhere that Vito is going have an one on one interview with Eddie Trunk.

Wrapping up , yes a fan of Vito.

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Me too. Also looking forward to the Trunk interview.
I've seen Mike Tramp a bunch of times, especially when he was living in Australia, and he talked about Vito a lot but never had much to say.
He is one of my favorite guitarists. Unique, talented, innovative.

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They had that interview. Years ago. 

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I miss Vito. Always dug his groove in White Lion. Even when their later releases started to suck, Vito still shined.

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Nuno is sweet, I love that style of guitar, love Mike Dmitrovich, Harry Cody, Mark Diglio, that type of guitar, don't really get people who hold Joe Perry, Angus Young, even fret wankers like Vai and Satriani in such high regard, or God status, I am curious if Angus knows any other chords, it just doesn't impress me at all, I'm very specific and stubborn in the type of guitar style I like, kind of one of those things I really can't change, and there's not a whole lot of guitarists who play that style, my all time jaw dropper is Jon Scofield, that man is almost mind boggling, almost like an optical and audio illusion.

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a big fan definitely and Vito will stay a long time there as my avatar :D

any news about him so far ? last time I heard several years ago he's doin an interview with Eddie Trunk saying he's taking care of business and his dad, probably playing guitar just for fun at home, and also he injured his arms ?

Shame actually, would love if someday they're able to do just one reunion album in the veins of the early days but that's wishful thinking i guess

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'Big game' went a long way to keeping this fella away from the forefront of my mind when discussing great guitarists. I did love his work on Pride and Mane Attraction but I just hated the overall sound of Big Game. Still had two cracking tunes, but the album just sounded so bad and sadly it's often my first thought when I think of Bratta, even though his work on Pride and Mane Attraction was outstanding. 

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