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    • Stormburst - Highway To Heaven The Storm - Eye Of The Storm Michael Stanley Band - North Coast
    • This might be good fun for only 8 euros:   https://sleazeroxx.com/eclipse-to-stream-concert-dubbed-live-from-the-quarantine-on-april-1st/
    • That's not the case in every province. Some provinces, like BC, are still allowing gatherings of up to 50, while NWT has asked all gatherings, regardless of size, be cancelled. Hell, Yukon only declared a state of emergency on the 27th. Each one is dealing with it differently. 
    • The latest Canadian numbers are 7414 cases and 92 deaths which while not great is a lot better than what is happening in the U.S.....the main reason it has not exploded here is that social distancing seems to be working , of course there are fines and possible arrest for groups of more than 5 to make people think responsibly .... of course we still haven't reached the peak yet so it will get worse...the biggest issue here is that we still need to ramp up testing to find out who is actually carrying the virus, we won't get a grip on it until we can isolate everyone who has it.... Australia seems to be doing a better job at dealing with the virus than Canada, their numbers are lower and they have tested more people per capita than almost anyone exept South Korea..... Two things that are irritating me at the moment.... 1. People who went on vacation while this pandemic was ongoing and now are stuck everywhere all over the world especially those on cruises....they are all crying for Canada to come and rescue them and I can't turn on the news without at least one of these idiots whining about being abandoned....fucking morons... 2. All the info in the West about how we don't need and shouldn't be using face masks to avoid getting the virus...what a load of bullshit!...of course we should all be wearing masks to slow the spread...its common sense....Asian countries have been doing this for years whenever their was an issue, heck they need them for pollution in some areas.....the problem here in the West is we weren't prepared for this outbreak despite the fact that is was obviously coming our way since the middle of January and we don't have enough masks for the front line medical staff let alone everyone...so we have to listen to the outright lie that we don't need masks....
    • Yeah I didn't figure many would like it, I figured out who they remind me of, the back and forth between the chick and the dude reminds me of early Berlin
    • Lol, right on, pretty interesting shit, sounds like a lot of paranoia on the part of a certain member, when somebody gets to that point, I'd imagine he doesnt have people jumping to get in
    • I'm already looking at day trips, hikes, and adventures to do around me. My province is larger than a lot of y'all's countries, so there's much to explore. 
    • The beginning of the end of this will see a lot of walls between countries going up and a lot of distrust.  I agree, not much travelling likely to happen this year.  Best get used to holidaying close to home for a while. 
    • Yeah, from memory at least one was underage as well. recall at the time that the band made the announcemnet taht "there were some things that they just counldn't forgive and move on from" or something like that. Created an intrigue to want to know what went on, sad to find out and left a bitter taste.
    • Um, yeah, lol Soz Josh Todd if you read this. Funny thing is Josh Caddy bears the same name as an AFL football player over here. Remember struggling to get info on what happened years ago, because I kept on getting hits on the footballer.
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