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Badd Kharma - On Fire

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Debut album out March 13 on Rock Of Angels Records.

From facebook:

Badd Kharma were formed in 2013 by Gregory Giarelis, George Joe Papazoglou and Nikos Syrakos as a side project from their bands. Soon enough they joined forces with Manolis Tsigkos, Dimitris Marinis and Tasos Ioannides and started working on some old an new material. Fast forward on 2018 and inside Orfeas Music Studios. The majority of our debut album is being recorded here and the wait is almost over. As almost everyone on this planet... Karma will get you too. Rock n Roll!!

Greg Giarelis - Guitars
Manolis Tsigkos - Guitars
George Joe Papazoglou-Drums
Nikos Syrakos-Vocals
Tas Ioannides-Bass Guitar
Dimitris Marinis-Keyboards



1. Never Surrender
2. Land Of The Free
3. Devil In You
4. Still Our Man
5. Rise Or Fall
6. On The Edge
7. Light In The Dark
8. Break Free
9. Fools Parade
10. Burning Heart
11. Lost In Her Eyes
12. Still Unbroken
13. L.E.A.



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Definitely not the most visually appealing band to hit the scene, but I get it sounds okay. Only okay, though. ;)

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New lyric video for 'Still Our Man'.



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