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Top Motley Crue Songs

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I never really liked Don't Go Away Mad and its drab chorus.

I'll compile my list for the Crue.


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8 hours ago, Glen said:

well without a chorus Full stop if we're being pedantic lol.

unless you call chanting livewire a chorus ;)

anyway I thought you hated all music before 1984? 

Weren't we talking about 'Wild Side?' Either way, both are awesome. 

Yep, 1984 is the cut-off for me with very few exceptions. Motley Crue is one of those exceptions, as is - of all bands - Van Halen with 'Ain't talkin' about love.' I do actually have a 1979-1982 and a 1983 playlist on my Ipod though, with a few songs in them. Admittedly they're a different breed of songs compared to after 1984, but a few choice cuts. 

I was meant to specify in my original list that 'Live Wire' and 'Piece of your action' are the 1991 versions from 'Decade of Decadence' that I prefer. Though I still love those originals too, to be honest. 

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