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    • If his actions and words weren't so harmful I would have no problem with him. Such a great source of entertainment. But an absolute fucktard. I don't like our leader, either, but at least Canada's not gonna burn any time soon. 
    • You seriously think we are on the same scale of racism as some Americans? We have the same issues? I'm a Swans fan, I know all about the racism taht exists here. I was at games where Adam Goodes was booed because he advocated Aboriginal rights publicly as Australia Of teh Year. I saw the worst in people making crude comments on Facebook and the like. What I didn't see was rioting in teh streets nationwide. Not for any AFL player, not for black deaths in custody (and we've had them), not for anything What is happening in the US is (somewhat) a result of years of frustration with persecution and different sets of rules. They are dealing with 13% of a black population compared to our 3%. You mentioned Dandenong, and hell, yeah, I can see a lot of racism coming out of there, but I still don't see what is going on in the US.
    • I agree the politically correct assholes pick apart everything you say and do so they can negatively label you...BUT lets not forget the right because they enable every racist, sexist , homophobe and xenophobe in America....
    • I just saw the most awkward thing ever...Trump holding up a bible. What a fucking douchebag! He’s such a joke but damn he’s entertaining and cracks me up. So happy he’s not my leader. 
    • Give me a break, There is racism in Australia. AFL had stamp it out after that incedent with Nicky Winmar. People who don't listen and  keep up abusing the player with their filthy mouth , get their membership, if they are member, suspend. With virus going around, I was on the 901 bus to Dandenong there was a guy yelling at any Asian getting on the " Where's your mask ? ".
    • Angry - Vixen
    • In memory of Sally Cato Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse
    • just imagine any kind of expression you had in opposition to anything, no matter how valid it was, the second you said it, you were automatically a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, and then you were blasted for being that until you were stiffled into silence, thats what the left here does, and the tops about to blow off,
    • Video for 'The Monitors'.    
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