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    • Good shout for top songs, I agree with those. 
    • Hey I just heard this band called the Lightning boys, i believe it is, they did a song called I wish I Had A Car, think the album was called Funky Metal Car Ride, u heard em? are there bands like them? who?
    • I just cant agree, you got lots of bands that put out a good song, I mean even bands I think fucking suck have put out a good song(Good Charlotte - Girls And Boys) in my opinion, HTL are so good that even the fact they aren't good song writers or should I say consistently good, is neither here nor there, because they are so talented that even mediocre songs trump most bands good songs, and Cauterize have yet to write a song that I think just blows, even their terrible songs are so good you put them up against most bands best songs, and its not even a comp, what would be cool is if HTL got a song writer in there, and just put out a revolutionary album, what sucks is they are probably the one band who has that kind of talent, if they just hired a group of writers and keyed in on making a once in a lifetime album I think it would be something never heard, but doesn't seem it will ever happen, sad!
    • He is not even on Melodic Rock's noticeboard, where he used the name RockerX.
    • I agree with most of that. No so sure about China. They were the origin and had less of an idea about how to handle this than anyone, and given the circumstnces, probably handled it as well as possible. Communism helped them get a handle on it. The Land Of The Free didn't entertain most of what China did for too long for fear of being labeled as totalitarian. But again, hard to blame any actions in this. Reminds me of a bunch of people who come out and cried on Facebook that we should have done more earlier. my simple responce was "post a screenshot of your comments calling for it back then" Hindsight is king. My daughter was at the shops yesterday (she works in a retail shop still open) and went to the supermarket and saw hand wash pump soaps. Limit of 2 per customer. So she bought 1. because there wasn't much and wanted to leave more for others. Problem is that we are pretty much out, and to get more will have to venture out to possibly infected people contact to find more.  
    • Watched 1917 AND Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker both Saturday night. I thought 1917 was pretty good I love a good war movie. Loved The Rise Of Skywalker. So many surprises. With so much shutting down, so much will be delayed now. Im betting we dont see Any kind of Star Wars movie for at least 3 years.  
    • I'd wondered what happened to him too as he was always around for a very long time. 
    • I'd agree with those thoughts.  Similar to the last album they've included a few tracks that lean a little more to the melodic metal side of the spectrum.  Other than some so-so lyrical content the album is solid throughout.  My initial favorites are Gotta Get Away, Ride the Blade, and Breaking Out.
    • One member who been sighted for while is Melodicrockoz. I know he spends a lot time Facebook, telling how great this band or  that , or how he  got that CD. Last time he was here was 2018.  
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