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    • Hey, Tony, good to hear from you. We have a thread dedicated to Tim here, and Dan set up a memoriam for our lost members here.
    • Geoff Tate's version of Queensryche: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=1921&CDName=Frequency+Unknown and the Todd LaTorre led version: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=1921&CDName=Queensryche+(2013) Both released in 2013 using the Queensryche name. 
    • Tim was one of the good guys. I fondly remember our talks about music over the phone. He turned me on to many great AOR/melodic bands and was one of the nicest collectors out there. He was also an active member on this site. So it was with both shock and sadness I learned of his recent passing from COVID-19. R.I.P. Tim.   https://www.floralhaven.com/obituaries/Timothy-Dever/
    • OK, this one is pretty damn good. Definitely their best since Address the Nation, and maybe even better than that.
    • Yeah picked this one up its pretty good and indeed seems to get better with each listen.
    • From Frontiers: Originally released and recorded by singer-songwriter Lisa Miskovsky, 'Driving One of Your Cars' was a huge hit in Sweden in the spring of 2001. The band premiered their cover of the song during their "ECLIPSE LIVE FROM THE QUARANTINE" performance this past Wednesday and now the studio version is available everywhere for you to hear. "I clearly remember the first time I heard this song! I was in my car (go figure, right?) in Stockholm and the song came on the radio. I actually had to pull over to just stop and listen because I thought it was such a great tune," says Eclipse singer Erik Martensson. Martensson continues, "I actually got to perform the song with Lisa some 10 years after I first heard it, which was really cool, and we've been talking about recording it ever since. It's just one of those songs that get stuck in your head. It's been in mine for almost 20 years now. Once we started toying around with it, it very quickly started to feel like "our" song. I'm certain Eclipse fans who may not have heard the original version could easily think that it's an Eclipse composition. And then 20 years from now, I hope there's a new band around who can't get that old Eclipse song out of their head and decide to cover it. I'll sit in on backing vocals."  
    • New lyric video for 'Coming Home'.    
    • Is this the first time two offshoots of the same band have released albums with different lineups under the exact same name? I mean, we still knew JR's Great White was separate from Great White, right?  Stranger than fiction for certain. Regarding the album; does it have to sound exactly like Guns on guitar and Lewis on vocals to find credibility since they call themselves LA Guns? Or can it stand on its own merits based on the songwriting and vocal delivery of Frohlich alone?   OW! My brain hurts!  
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