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    • I've been watching Canada, as we were 'neck and neck' for a while in the infected rate. Unfortunatley I think you're double us now. The most sucky thing about the hoarders right now is that people couldn't get some shit for weeks. Now as it starts appearing on the shelves again, thise who didn't hoard are buying it all because  1) they need it because they haven't been able to get it 2) they are worried it won't be back again for ages so grabbing it while they can. Even with limits of 1 or 2 per person, the shelves aren't still staying full. What this means is that people like me are having to hit up 3 times as many shops to get what I need. This isn't helping infection rates with everyone doing this also. Supermarkets have started limiting the number of people instore at a time now here. Not sure how widely this has been spread, but I heard the other day how they define it as being 'over' When 2 infection cycles go by with no new infections, that's it. So a cycle here is 2 weeks for corona, so if a country goes 4 without a new infection, then they are clean. Shows just how long we have in store until shit starts to get better.
    • Heh. I'm glad it's not just me. Usually once each Christmastime. 
    • Bonfire had dropped off my radar the past decade (someone mentioned an album a year!!!).   This samples I've heard on the forth coming album have drawn my attention once again and hopefully, this is a refreshing new face for the band's music.    Definitely going to grab a copy of the new one  
    • For sure Tim was one of the best and most gentle soul I ever encountered while collecting music.  Loved all the interactions we had over the years, and yes, he certainly was knowledgable as T-Bone pointed out.   Did a number of trades with Tim and of course, when I was active selling on E Bay, he bought CDs from me and discussed many of the titles I was selling.  Just another good person that I enjoyed.
    • these guys show that you can still make an enjoyable song with generic, borderline cheesy lyrics if the other elements are there
    • Wow....thanks for sharing Tony.   Tim was definitely one of the great guys....I can remember when I was active selling on E Bay, Tim would always be talking to me about different titles and, of course, we traded many times as well    I always had Tim pictured as a very gentle soul.....So sorry to hear of his passing from this awful virus in the world....
    • I am one of those who prefer their style on Knock You Down and Sultans over the direction they've gone in with the last few albums.  I thought the initial promo tracks for this one sounded solid so I gave the album a spin.  Not bad, but at the end of the day none of the tracks really grabbed me like those earlier releases.   
    • I liked the first two promo tracks for the new album, but this one not so much.  And as Geoff mentioned, the video clip itself is pretty bad
    • I don't have one favorite film but there are a few that I rewatch on a regular basis.... Die Hard (first 3 flicks) Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them) Home Alone (first 2) Predator Those are the ones that immediately come to mind but there are others....
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