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17 Crash - Through Hell And Back

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New album 'Through Hell And Back' out March 20.

From facebook:

Born in 2011 in Tuscany, thanks to the passion and dedication of Phil Hill and Ros Crash.
17 Crash at their beginning unleashed their love for the 80's L.A. Glam Rock Style.Their first Album “ Reading your Dirty Minds ” (2015) well represents that “teenage rampage” spirit. 
After a first tour all around Italy, the band came back in studio in early 2017 for the second chapter.
After the "Glam era" the guys were ready for a change: they needed something different, something more fresh, always maintaining their rock nature but more with an eye to a modern hard Rock/Aor.
“Hit the prey” saw the light on March 2018: a perfect compromise between the 80's sound and the modern Hard n'Heavy/Aor 

During this 8 years of activity they had a lot of great opportunities and rewards, more than 300 live and the chance to play as opening act for : Geoff Tate, Crazy Lixx, Faster Pussycat, Girlschool, Adam Bomb, Frankie Chavez.

Ros Crash - Vocals
Wildcat - Guitar
CJ "Black Dog" Guarne- Guitar 
Maxxx - Bass
Phil Hill - Drums



01. Face To Face
02. Be A Man
03. Change Your Way
04. Through Hell And Back
05. Bite The Freedom
06. Don’t Surrender
07. Heroes
08. Pray Your God
09. First Day In Heaven
10. Voice In The Night


Here's some stuff from their 2018 release 'Hit The Prey'. Musically sounds good, but could be much better with a different singer.





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Sounds good, but certainly not 80s LA glam rock sound.

First song is pure Scandi AOR/Hard rock. The others are slightly heavier. More in keeping with something like 80s Malmsteen than glam.

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Not bad. I'll check out both albums. 

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