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    • He does sing on the Guitarist for Gotthard's side project.
    • Black Swan - Shake The World.
    • New song and that's 4 for 4, this is looking like a killer album.  
    • New song 'Changing Times'. Escape Music and Steve Overland would like to dedicated this song to all Doctors, Nurses in frontline, and all the staff in Hospitals all over the world, whom are facing this difficult times with Pandemic Covid-19 virus and tribute goes to all Fathers, Mothers, Brothers , Sisters and all loved ones whom lost their battles from this virus.    
    • Good stuff.        
    • Agree with Geoff. This one sound much like Gotthard or coreleoni. If many bands are fronted from the same singer, they tend to sound similar.  
    • We're only allowed out for essential shopping,to exercise once daily,for medical reasons or to go to work (if you cannot work from home) it's been like that for a few weeks now...both my wife and I have to go to work...she works in the hospital and I work as a street cleaner which atm is a wide range of essential bin duties & washing areas...22 people work with me and only two of us have been at work the last 3 weeks...we have very little PPE...we never know what we're lifting nor where it came from but it has to be done to prevent disease of other kinds taking hold...I won't lie I'm shitting myself out there...but I'm more afraid for my wife...we have three young sons...i'm trying to get to the easter holidays next week...then i'm lying low myself for a few weeks.
    • Stormburst - Highway To Heaven The Storm - Eye Of The Storm Michael Stanley Band - North Coast
    • This might be good fun for only 8 euros:   https://sleazeroxx.com/eclipse-to-stream-concert-dubbed-live-from-the-quarantine-on-april-1st/
    • That's not the case in every province. Some provinces, like BC, are still allowing gatherings of up to 50, while NWT has asked all gatherings, regardless of size, be cancelled. Hell, Yukon only declared a state of emergency on the 27th. Each one is dealing with it differently. 
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