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    • 47..... same age as me...... would've turned 48 on November 9th.
    • I appreciate the sentiment, thanks for that. It's a comparatively small group of regulars here any more, as interest in this particular hobby wanes over time, but for the most part it's good folks.
    • You know something Dan, I've never really been a member of a serious forum I contributed to for any length of time outside this one, oh and G-Offs rock hard linx forum, but I can't imagine the board runners and owners have even a slight of the care and sincerity you do for the members of your forum, I just got to say, I know I'm not your favorite member, or even your 2nd to the last favorite, but the way you moderate this thing, and the fact u some how recruited G-Off to be a contributor, makes HH one of its kind, and you proving my point, by making this new thread, tells alot bro, your a good dude(no homo) I hope the others here notice this and get what I'm saying here. Does anyone belong to any other forums? Are they as tight nit as HH?
    • i just saw this, obviously I had no ties to this scumbag cocksucker, but he got charged Federally, as someone who was in a perpetual revolving door since I turned 18, I've been around the shit far to long, but I do know more law then I want to, I have never thankfully been charged Federally, many many of my friends, dudes I was in the joint with, and my own cousin, have all copped Federal cases, here's the thing bout feds over state punishment, My worse charge ever was a 2nd degree felony aggravated assault with intent, where I live that's a 1-15 year sentence, with a Max fine of $75,000, to compare that is a state line, I served 3 years initially and 18 months when I violated my parole, that's it, 4 1/2 years out of 15, now if that were Federal, u would be ground with a minimum, which is generally 10 years plus, here's the bitch, u don't have the between markers on a sentence, they sentence u toa exact number, say, we sentence u to serve 18 years in a Federal detention facility, it's Federal, that means guess what? You serve every last second of 18 years, they rarely parole people, and u pay every cent that is ordered for a fine or restitution, and say this jerk off trys to wait out his 3 years thinking he won't have to pay off that $50,000, he simply will not expirat,he will remain on probation until the last penny is paid. Now being there's restitution, would mean there was a victim or victims, and it had to be so great of damage that the fucking feds stepped in and took over the charges, they don't just do that when someone rips $1000 off selling fraudulent goods, there had to have been a substantial amount of money stolen for this to be a Federally indictable case, we know it's at minimum $50,000 taken, my question was how many people came forward with enough evidence and loss, that it triggered the feds to interject and charge him criminally? People this isn't your local circuit Court trying to hold theft charges over you, this dude got fucked, and it must be his first run because he manages to avoid Federal prison, I don't know him, but excrement like this jack off, can only find redemption at turtle island Federal intake, then u could all at least smile knowing he will be doing "hard" time, too bad I saw this to late, maybe we could've banded together to assure that he was busted, for that heroine in his car, or that .45 we saw him brandish getting into his car, I fucking hate thieves, but I loathe these kind, sorry I had to add my 2 clicks, somebody got this cocksucker, too bad he didn't get the brunt of it. He certainly deserved it. My heart to the people he jacked, there's few worse feelings then being taken, then to add betrayal by taken by someone u trust, even a homie to some of you, if it's been less then 7 years for any of u, I'd suggest u think seriously about trying to recoup your doe. 
    • Nvrb and freefall are my favourites off a really nice EP Just wish there was more out there from these guys as I really like their sound 
    • I probably should have done this when the first of our members passed away, but Tim's passing reminded me that I should do this. I've created a special user group for board members who have passed away. I've also added a "Member List" page at the top. I'm only aware of 3 members that have passed, although it's quite possible I've forgotten some: Tim staryder1 Bubbasmama I'm deliberately excluding Lanny Holdaway as he ripped off many people here and was banned from the forum. Here is a link to the group: https://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[22]=1 And the group icon: If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know. Thanks, -Dan
    • Not the greatest song I've ever heard but it's still Steve Overland, so not bad either.
    • Wow, that song is awful.  I'll just leave it at that.
    • Per his profile, he was 48. https://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/profile/3-tim/
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