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Secret Chapter - Chapter One

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1.Baptized In Ecstasy
2. Show Me The Road
3. Human Centipede
4. One Night Ain't Enough
5. Heavy Metal Love Affair
6. The Great Escape
7. Sin City
8. Introspection
9. Enemy Inside
10. Blaze
11. Heavy Metal Love Affair (Radio Edit)
12. Everyone’s Star (Bonus Track)


Ole Aleksander Wagenius - Vocals
Jon Aarseth - Guitars
Stian Stensrud - Bass
Ronny Rocken Arntzen - Drums
Magnus Johansen - Keyboards

Record Label: Crime Records

Release date:18.10.2019


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    • Good point Jacob. I think the author even agrees with you, actually (for the most part). The very first sentence of the book reads: "I have a confession to make . . . I hate the term hair metal. Don’t get me wrong; I love hair metal music; I just hate the term." The book then goes on to state the moniker "hair metal" is only used because, right or wrong, it is the clearest universal identifier for this type of music. That and the fact that the term has become much less pejorative over the years and more of a happy and nostalgic reference.
    • The opening to "Idiocracy" says it all.    
    • I dunno. They're all preparing for some kind of apocalypse. But if there is an apocalypse it'll happen at the hands of those motherfuckers.  As for the morons, the problem is low-income, unschooled people usually breed more low-income, unschooled people. And they breed a lot. And, while that doesn't necessarily guarantee those people will be morons, most morons come from that pool. Conversely, wealthy, educated, and successful people are typically too busy to have children, or may only have one, so the morons outnumber the intelligent.  There's obviously more to it than that, but that's a big part of the issue. The "virus" to target the morons is simply better education. 
    • So what's the thought process behind buying all this weaponry? They going to shoot the Corona Virus? Or they're going to need weapons to raid stores for food? Or to steal food from their neighbour? Or to defend themselves against people doing this to them? Fucking people, hey? Who the fuck would have 'em at all? When will there be a virus targeting morons and morons alone?   
    • I don't know if I shared this here already, but a buddy of mine works at a Cabela's (camping, hiking, hunting gear store) and he said firearm sales have gone through the roof. And if folks don't have a gun license, they'll walk out with a bow. Oh, and I've been told that domestic violence has increased during this time, too. I hear sirens almost constantly. Just wonderful. 
    • This is in the Flamefest section so I just want to revisit the hoarder / panic buyers.  I've heard a lot of people kind of excusing them, making comments like "they're panic buying 'cause they're scared" and "we all react to this in our own way" etc. I really take issue with this because, what, everyone else who goes to buy every day items and can't anymore aren't scared? Being scared means it's okay to metaphorically fuck your fellow human in the anus with a crowbar?  I'll be honest. I don't give a fuck if they're scared. That's no excuse to act like a fucking moron cunt and take away from, and inconvenience everyone else. Because these cunts have taken and are still taking everything, people like my parents, who are in the vulnerable age group, now spend half their week going from shop to shop, potentially exposing themselves to this virus multiple more times over, just because people are fucking morons and can't get it through their stupid, moronic fucked up skulls that if we'd all been reasonable from the start, we wouldn't be short of anything.  Fucking cunts. Anyway, that's a bit delayed. But still relevant because of the shit you can't buy anymore.  And okay, let's make some enemies. People will hate me for this, but fuck. People blaming the leader of their country for not getting this thing perfect. Fuck's sake. Yes, a lot of people have fucked up but what makes people so sure they'd have got it right if they were in their position? Or if the political opposition that they voted for would have a lower bodycount on their hands?  It should never have been all of our problem anyway. If you need to blame someone for the state of the fucking place right now, look where it came from and how it got out to the rest of the world. There's a reasonable place to aim your anger. Are people as brutal towards the leaders in Italy and Spain and France as they are towards Trump? I don't know, maybe they are. I wouldn't know because all you ever hear is Trump bashing.  For the record, I don't give a flying fuck about US politics and don't have strong opinions on Trump... but fuck. A lot of people got their response to this thing wrong and we're all paying for it now in some way. Donald Trump isn't the only human on earth who got it wrong. Anyway, I don't know enough or care enough about world politics to get tied up in it all, but it's just my observation as an outsider.  China and the way they let this take over the entire world are the issue here. The leaders of our countries have not faced something like this any more than we have and I just not a fan of people being crucified by heroes with the wisdom of hindsight. For the record, I've had thoughts on how I thought things should have been done here and there, but never once been critical personally of what Scott Morrison (Aussie PM) is doing, even if I don't understand some of it. But whatever he's doing, and whatever bits he gets right of wrong, the guy's just doing what he can in a situation that's immeasurably fucked up. These guys don't want to see their people dying anymore than we do, and it'd be a decent touch to see people - christ forbid - show a bit of patriotism and do their bit to help their country get through this shit, rather than constantly bashing their president/leader. Jesus Christ and God n' stuff, the creator of all things (thank you for this one, Jesus), knows this thing's going to drag out for a hell of a long time.   And that's my rant for the evening. 
    • Silly Fools is a good shout. 'Prepare the Masses' by A Change Of Pace, 'Paper Walls' by Yellowcard and 'Love Drunk' by Boys Like Girls are three of my other favourites from this era. 
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