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    • Radio Exile - No Pity on the Highway. Killer track from a Killer album featuring another "hired gun" Vocalist, "Chandler Mogul".    
    • Anyone here ever caught Cecil B Demented? with Melanie Griffith and Steven Dorff? fucking killer campy movie.very cynical as John Waters completely dismantles the entirety of the movie industry and everything it does, it all gets put under the microscope then completely fucking trashed by Waters over the top script and this awesome casts chemistry to play off each other while knowing that every word their saying is trashing the very institution that they have made their livings off of, it really is an awesome fucking movie, but anything Waters does in my eyes is Legend Status.          
    • I don't know man, these sound like 1 big album to me, I mean it kind of just meander's aimlessly throughout the entirety of both albums, just starting in one spot and never really leaving anywhere else on either album, I mean I like the dark elements peppered throughout the music, but the songs themselves, they just sound monotonous, like if there weren't breaks between tracks, you could possibly see it sounding like one song that never seems to have a commercial, the variance never shows up either, it plods along to the start of the 2nd album, which kind of just jumps right in where the 1st album left off, and never really even tries to stir the pot, so if you like the first song, then you'll like both albums all the way through, I just have had the tail end of the lethal and inescapable most lethal savage and living organism changing virus pandemic in human history, that's right, the Omicron is in its last hours with me, so maybe I'm wrong about these albums, I'll have to come back when Ive got a better attitude towards listening to any new shit,
    • Put it this way, he's a decent guitarist, but a certain country should bare some responsibility for pushing this idiot onto the planet, stand up and take your talking to, you know who you are, cough cough Nolan, Mr, Planet, so G-Off if I told you I could tell you the worst 2 singers in human history, that's out of any singer who ever even sang a tampon commercial in Swahili in 1973, of all the history of human kind, if I told you I could give you 2 names, they both are still somehow alive, and if they ever decide to do a duet, I'm fucking in on that one, cause it would be literally and figuratively the worst song ever recorded, history, you would probably jack me off for a find that sweet right? so what do ya say G-Off, mate, good old boomerang buddy, would ye like to give the old Johnson a shove off and ill provide you with this info, Bob Dylan and Neil Young are the epitome of the absolute bottom of the out house in vocal deliveries, quality, talent, and charisma, I would rather listen to Fran Dresher sing Jewish holiday tunes with Chanel West Coast providing bgv's, backwards, with hot steel rods stomped through my eardrums, while bobcat golthwaite puts his face inches from said ear wounds, and start screaming gibberish at the top of his lungs, then even be teased with what a song between Neil and Bobbi would sound like, dogs would randomly begin howling, within 100 miles of where said song was being played, I would rather have faggots ear fuck me and blow jizz through my ear drums then be subjected to the up to that point unknown adverse reactions, Neil Young is simply the worst vocalist in human history, prove me wrong, it's not subjective, and how anyone enjoys his voice is a tribute to just how fucking brain dead people are. 
    • Actually got a bit discouraged with the whole thing this year and wasn't going to bother, but I just thought why not and whipped up my list. I've cut it down to 40, because I did.  40 . Groundbreaker - Soul to Soul ; safe, solid and consistently decent tunes. 39 . Paris - 50 / 50 ; sounds like Newman, but a much better version of Newman than the man himself, these days. 38 . Blood Red Saints - Undisputed ; surprisingly solid album matching some of the form of their surprisingly solid debut a few years ago. 37 . dEMOTIONAL - Scandinavian Aftermath ; good, catchy and heavy tunes. I diggit. 36 . Station - Perspective ; it's patchy, but I can't deny that when these guys are good they're pretty damn good. Would love better production and more consistency than this, but they're still a good band.  35 . The Darkest Moment - Blindsight ; probably the most massive sounding album of the year. Heavy as fuck, but equally as heavy on ballads, which sound awesome.  34 . Eclipse - Wired ; Eclipse doing Eclipse stuff and things is never a bad thing, nor is it here.  33 . Anchors & Hearts - Guns Against Liberty ; another heavy one but featuring some absolute killer cuts. 32 . Bad Habit - Autonomy ; Bad Habit doing Bad Habit stuff and things is never a bad thing, nor is it here. These guys and Eclipse have a formula, and it works.  31 . A Day To Remember - You're Welcome ; one of their better and most consistent albums, with less screams than ever. Very good album. 30 . Rivals - Sad Looks Pretty On Me ; excellent female fronted hard rock. 29 . Asking Alexandria - See What’s On The Inside ; one of the most consistent bands of the last decade, to be honest. Don't know why they're not more popular even on a more traditional hard rock forum. Great album, as usual.  28 . Nestor - Kids in a ghost town ; madly over-hyped, but still a good album after the dust settled. Good, solid stuff.  27 . Diamante - American Dream ; particularly killer title track cut, but overall another good, solid female fronted album.  26 . Kent Hilli - The Rumble ; great voice, strong album. One of the stars of the genre today.  25 . Supernova Plasmajets - Now or Never ; massive surprise packet, delivered a slightly scrappy, but very hook-laden album of joy.  24 . Vega - Anarchy and Unity ; like Eclipse and Bad Habit, you know what you're going to get and it's always excellent.  23 . Grayscale - Umbra ; probably the surprise of the year for me in terms of how much I enjoyed this album without giving it too much consideration leading into it. Features one of my top songs of the entire year too.  22 . Levara - Levara ; very high quality melodic rock. Some more killer cuts on this, and a very fine album. 21 . Houston - IV ; like a few bands above, always delivering albums at a high level and this was no exception.  20 . Crazy Lixx - Street Lethal ; another tried and trusted band delivering another good album. 19 . 7th Heaven - Be Here ; again, consistent as the day is long. Always can be assured of a quality album, and so happy that it now features great production work as well.  18 . Creye - II ; one of the best current melodic rock bands, in my opinion, delivering an album which shows why.  17 . Issa - Queen of Broken Hearts ; the moaners will moan, and the melodic rock fans will enjoy. Another high quality release from another very consistent performer in melodic rock, despite the small group of HH haters, whom I would gather are in the minority of the melodic rock community when it comes to Issa. 😉 16 . W O L F C L U B - Just Drive - Part 1 ; excellent synthwave with a lot of these tunes forming the soundtrack to my 2022.  15 . The Night Game - Dog Years ; patchy to a degree, but incredibly catchy and even the songs I might not usually warm to, I did. Endearing, is how I'd describe this album. Love it.  14 . Robin McAuley - Standing on the Edge ; what on earth is this doing this high up, I ask myself as I type this live. But fair play, it's a really good, consistent album and I kept waiting for a dud track that never really came. Possibly the most consistent album of his career?  13 . The LRW Project - Fight & Climb ; one of my favourite new artists in recent years delivers a wonderful follow-up to a wonderful debut. Excellent stuff.  12 . Holding Absence - The Greatest Mistake of My Life ; some more massive songs on another great album from this killer modern rock band.  11 . W.E.T. - Retransmission ; surprised to see this so high on the list too, but credit where it's due. It's consistent, solid stuff and I prefer to this to their recent output.  10 . Maverick - Ethereality ; another great release from one of, if not the best straight up hard rock band doing the rounds these days. Great stuff.  9 . Chez Kane - Chez Kane ; even better than Crazy Lixx themselves. Love this album, and it was a very pleasant surprise package.  8 . Nitrate - Renegade ; nothing spectacular, but the Midnite City b-sides shine through in another extremely enjoyable album.   7 . First & Forever - Let This Love Lie Dead ; super consistent modern rock release. Each song delivers the goods and this was a joy to listen to in 2021.  6 . At 1980 - Late Night Calls ; quality synthwave. Eclipsed by an exceptional release this year, but still a great album itself.  5 . Ronnie Atkins - One Shot ; one of my favourite artists of all time releases an album I'd always wanted to hear from him, with so many awesome melodic cuts. Ear candy.  4 . Midnite City - Itch You Can't Scratch ; an unstoppable force release another album full of melodic hard rock perfection, or close to it. 🙂 3 . The Motion Epic - Boardwalk Arcadia ; tossed off and turned a bit on whether I should put this here, or in the EPs, but decided to leave it here for the 6 songs and 3 great instrumental cuts. Delicious, smooth snythwave which caressed the ears.   (and as good as all those albums are, I do have to admit that it was well and truly a two-horse race for me this year, with two albums being a massive cut above the rest, in my opinion. Sad that one has to take second place as they're both albums of the year in most other years, but this is how the last two fell)- 2 . The Broken View - On The Mend ; dropped late in the year with a lot of hope and expectation in my small little brain, and this lived up to it all. Sensational, extremely emotive tunes with a whole handful of 10/10 perfect songs on display. Love this album, and it pains me to not have it in the top spot.  1 . LeBrock - Fuse ; ... but I just couldn't go past this. Ironically, this and TBV are extremely different albums, and maybe the order changes depending on the way I feel on a certain day, but every time one of these songs comes on my playlist it lifts me up and I just find the whole thing a battering of joy on my ears. Love everything about it. 
    • This project gives "Evidence One" a run for it's money. Carsten's only a guest Vocalist (2 tracks) BTW on the second album.        
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