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    • Very interesting.  'Dangerous Ground,' 'Come Clean,' 'One by One' and 'Heaven Must Have Won An Angel' are the clear standouts for me. 'Rise' not far behind. 'We are the Gods' at the bottom and 'Adrenaline' bottom half of the album.  But. To each their own.
    • Interesting post.  I was really pleasantly surprised by this album. A couple of dud tracks, but generally it's really, really listenable and I enjoy the majority of the songs. Nice and cleanly produced, good vocals and good vibe. It's a good release. But. HEAT shits all over this and then regurgitates it's own shit and heaps it back on to this... in my opinion. Why do you want people to miss out on this? Don't you want people to also appreciate and buy it so they release more music? That's such an odd comment. It makes me think that you force yourself to like less popular stuff just because it's less popular rather than because of how good or bad it is?  To each their own, but I definitely don't think it's catchier or hookier than HEAT. Nor is HEAT samier. In my opinion. They're very different albums and excellent at what each band is out to achieve.  Anyway, glad you enjoy this. I do too. I just hope a tall poppy syndrome thing isn't creepy into your take on this vs HEAT. I've always had a real issue with people taking exception with more popular stuff just because it's more popular. This is good, HEAT is excellent. In my opinion. No harm in just enjoying both for the two very different albums they are.   
    • I thought their EP was pretty good.  A few of the same tracks are used again here and while sometimes those can be the best tracks on a band's full length there are several other good tunes to be heard.  The country rock influence they showed on that EP is continued on few of the new tracks, but even if that style isn't your preference don't let it deter you from giving this a chance.  As Cure pointed out there is plenty of variety from track to track.  I will say, I hadn't really noticed the vocal similarities to Chad Kroeger until The Rocker pointed it out, but I did pick up on that while listening to this one.  Overall I think it is a solid album and one I'd recommend checking out.
    • mostly steel panther songs  
    • my favourites are We Are Gods and Adrenaline.....followed closely by the 4 singles. Then the rest which would rank in the region 7.5 to 8.5 
    • why do assume that I'm a lazy prick that doesn't research anything.  I've literally just finished a 150 page book on the universe - I love the subject.  Ok, you explain to me where the singularity came from? Nothing? did it just pop into existence? cos that s what the theory suggests - it pretty much dismisses any concept of a multi verse.  Also how come the universe conveniently expanded at a greater rate than light which the laws of physics says is impossible? as an object approaches the speed of light it's mass becomes infinite and so does the energy required to move it.....so I call bullshit that BBT calls on this to justify it's existence. The simple fact is people don't know and they should just accept that the beginning of the universe or what came before is an unknown. 
    • Oh shit mate, if you don't find this and share it I'm going to block you. lol. Would love to see it.  As I'm too lazy to have ever pursued a musical instrument, I can't validly call what I've done song writing, but I too have written hundreds of sets of lyrics. I had the music track in my head every time, so I guess it's songwriting. I just haven't ever been able to actually record anything. Haven't done it for a few years - probably well over a decade to be honest. But if I got the music tracks I had in my head with my lyrics, I'd have no doubt there'd be some delightful stuff in there. Maybe one day. Who knows? If I ever get un-lazy... Definitely not written any christian songs, though. I'm a bit curious why your friend wants you to write a song? 
    • The last album didn't do much for me.  Outside of 2 or 3 tracks I rarely listen to it.  I much prefer the guitar driven style used on this one.  As far as the songs themselves, my favorites are similar to most: Dangerous Ground, Come Clean, One by One and Rise.  But really outside of "Rock Your Body" which has an annoying chorus and "Nothing To Say" which was just OK, I found the rest of the songs to all be either good or great.  Future spins will determine how it stacks up, but I'd be surprised if this is not in my top 5 come year end. 
    • No idea, man. Who is that? 
    • Yeah, I'll admit straight out I haven't analysed the lyrics yet but I was getting the impression it was more a song about their supposed greatness than anything else. Fair enough if it's not. I must say, after a few more listens today, regardless of the lyrics, it and 'Under the gun' are easily my least favourite two songs on the album. Kind of loving the opener already and the ballad is a good song - just not as good as others.   Yeah, HEAT have never been out of form, imo. Some of their albums are a bit weaker than others, but all are extremely worthwhile in their own right.  Yeah, don't get me wrong. HEAT have good ballads, and some very good ones. But they are never the best, or even close to the best songs on their albums. 
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