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Dead Planet

SILVERTOMB - Edge of Existence

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Formed in the wake of Type O Negative and Seventh Void, SILVERTOMB is the latest musical endeavor of Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative, Seventh Void), Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig) and Hank Hell (Seventh Void, Inhuman).
This time teaming up with New York Hardcore Veteran Joseph James, (Agnostic Front, Inhuman) on guitar, and Aaron Joos (Awaken The Shadow, Empyreon) on Keys, Guitar, and backing vocals,


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    • I wonder if it will be on Amazon before the contributors get their disc. That's what normally happens with crowdfunding.  
    • I'll get this, but for some reason everyone is overly frothing it. Maybe the quality of music lately has been below expectations and covers are the most inspiring thing? Just a covers album, a good one, but still just that.  
    • Australia is doing very well, excepy my state, Victoria with record numbers overnight. This second wave happened to us, and now we're in lockdown again. The spanish flu had 3 waves with the second being the most significant.
    • no no No is very true to the original,a nd it just as shit as the original. Heart Of Chrome is a great song, but very hard to come close to singing. Have a look at live footage of Paul trying to sing it, and it's hard to watch lol
    • Debut is great! Hopefully the singer is good.
    • I agree the US is weathering the storm but you don't have much choice since many states have virus numbers that are surging due to social gatherings ... you've got to admit that if things had been handled better and there was leadership from the top instead of denial , the country would be much better off.... As for destroying statues...that shit pisses me off...there is no advantage in trying to erase history and the rioting and other destruction is outrageous and should have been dealt with harshly especially that bullshit in Seattle where people were allowed to take over several city blocks....and I would be willing to bet a small fortune that the people who vandalized the Frederick Douglass statue were of a 'pale persuasion' ...the only surprise is that it took them this long to do it...probably because they had a hard time finding a statue of a black man...  
    • Lady Lou - Accept
    • Looking forward to this one - really enjoyed the debut 
    • Get the fuck outta here - You made it happen! We are truly humbled that you made us reach the goal in just 52 hours, amazing!! Now we can start production!!!📀💿 Thank you so much!   Looks like it’s all go
    • From FB: GUEST STAR ANNOUNCEMENT We are thrilled to announce Rob Wylde of Midnite City will be contributing vocals on not one, but two tracks on Volume Two! One of the tracks, a first for the DPP, is a cover of an unreleased Paul Stanley track! Welcome to the DPP family Rob!  
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