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    • Apparently Demon Doll Records reissued this Sleaze gem earlier this year. Nice. I've always loved the title track. Pure Sleaze.    
    • The TNT Overture - Ted Nugent. You came very close to actually winning the song game. This is the only other song I could come up with that has TNT in the title.
    • TNT - AC/DC
    • I must admit I do not understand how so many intelligent people can constantly defend Trump and his policies....he is mainly a selfish narcissist....his main concern is re-election and he sees that happening if the economy gets better....blindness may be a problem but it is not the anti-trump groups that are wearing rose colored glasses....
    • Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT - Kix
    • Deep Red Shadows - Lillian Axe
    • Yes the first 4 and the last one are GREAT, and I also like Dream Your Heart Out, and Blow Your Mind and Look Into Me are decent enough. Enjoying the album a lot.
    • Those first 4 songs are probably the best 4 in a row to start an album of 2020. Too bad it grinds to a halt in the middle. Also agree the last track is awesome.
    • I might be in the minority, but as good as the Defiant's albums are I enjoyed the TMF debut more than either of those. That said, I prefer their debut to this one too.  But overall it's pretty even between the two projects, for me anyway.  As far as individual tracks on Lions, one of the things that appeals to me is the fact that they changed up the style on some tracks this time.  Third time through and I find myself listening more to the songs on the second half of the album rather than the singles.
    • blinded by hate
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