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3 Bands NOT your thing

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yes ISSA - terrible

second Nordic Union album is v poor. first is very good imo

Ammunition have about 5 or 6 great songs over 2 albums - that's not a good ratio. Age was f annoying live as well. 

NFO - you are all deaf lol. They are best new band around and flawless live. Seriously you can tell they are part of bigger bands - like watching an arena band in a small venue. stellar. 

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12 hours ago, Geoff said:


I agree that no one likes Inglorious. Same with Radio Sun too, though. I never met anyone who liked them. 

Hello Geoff.

I have been friends with Steve for a very long time, and this pre Cyclone Tracy days, and friends with Jase as well.


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2 hours ago, Stefan said:

Iron Maiden


Metallica (before -91 and after -97)


supposed to be new bands....

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id have to agree on Inglorious.

on paper they should be great but on the whole their songs are just not that memorable. 

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