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    • No-one is offended. But if you are so tolerant, surely you must accept that people can call out things they don't agree with?  It's everyone's absolute freedom to make any kind of joke they want, but then it must also be everyone's absolute freedom to speak against it? If not, then you're a hypocrite. 
    • I did not call him a misogynist. I said the joke was, and I do believe that one can tell such jokes without being one. It's perfectly possible to slip up and tell a joke and not consider what roots it might have. I'm no stranger to putting my foot in it myself from time to time.  That said, I'll keep out if these threads from now on and stick to the music part. It's clear that folks are pretty entrenched in their stands (I'm no different in this case) and it will only be one endless circular discussion where no-one moves an inches. Pointless.  Edit: I don't really care what you think I owe him. 
    • My C is always O. 
    • "Your being personally offended doesn't mean others have to change their behavior. You have the choice to go somewhere else." This statement had me slightly worried before your clarification above as it sounded as if it was fine for anyone to personally attack another member on this board for their skin tone, sexual preferences, nationality etc. and they could either like it, lump it or leave.  I always make a point to read your posts HH as they are consistently very well thought out and always well written. I trust that you will  regulate accordingly and your follow up statement above should make it perfectly clear to everyone here now. One of the few things co-vid can't touch is our music collections. ROWYCO, people!!!
    • I always refer back to Bernie Mac's line from the Kings of Comedy tour: "Jokes is jokes." We can't get too offended over comedy. Comedy has always been critical. It's always meant to make us feel uncomfortable in certain ways. It's always meant to challenge our way of thinking.   
    • Cherish The Day - Sade
    • Hopefully some sort of Live package with a CD/Blu Ray like Pretty Maids did with their recent Japan release. I'd even hazard a guess as to it being the Oct 27, 2019 show in Milan, Italy since it seems like Frontiers often captures those Italian shows....but that's just a blind guess. Either way, I'd probably pick this up if it's a decent package.  
    • Let me clarify: I don't mean to imply that it's open season or a free-for-all when it comes to posting racist, sexist, or homophobic comments. Rather I mean that I'm not about to ban someone or censor their posts because they make a joke about women, white people, black people, etc. Some self-restraint is expected, and if I see things getting out of hand, I reserve the right to prune content accordingly.
    • I'm Ok with all of that. I don't agree with open slater on homophobia, racism, etc, etc, but I'm not going to get updet about it. The tolerance shown on this board has actually been really impressive considering the topics. But it's your board and as you say, your rules. That said, I'm going to try and create some music topic over the next few days. I don't care if they have been done before, or are kinda lame, would be nice to not have to think so hard when I'm here
    • Can't say I would want to see HH become a politically correct forum....there is enough of that shit around....
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