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    • Cherish The Day - Sade
    • Hopefully some sort of Live package with a CD/Blu Ray like Pretty Maids did with their recent Japan release. I'd even hazard a guess as to it being the Oct 27, 2019 show in Milan, Italy since it seems like Frontiers often captures those Italian shows....but that's just a blind guess. Either way, I'd probably pick this up if it's a decent package.  
    • Let me clarify: I don't mean to imply that it's open season or a free-for-all when it comes to posting racist, sexist, or homophobic comments. Rather I mean that I'm not about to ban someone or censor their posts because they make a joke about women, white people, black people, etc. Some self-restraint is expected, and if I see things getting out of hand, I reserve the right to prune content accordingly.
    • I'm Ok with all of that. I don't agree with open slater on homophobia, racism, etc, etc, but I'm not going to get updet about it. The tolerance shown on this board has actually been really impressive considering the topics. But it's your board and as you say, your rules. That said, I'm going to try and create some music topic over the next few days. I don't care if they have been done before, or are kinda lame, would be nice to not have to think so hard when I'm here
    • Can't say I would want to see HH become a politically correct forum....there is enough of that shit around....
    • Press release from Target Records: The spirit of the great eighties, captured in the modern studio. That is the essence of Danish rock group BOYS FROM HEAVEN. The band, captivated by the sound of the late seventies and early eighties – with stadium rockers like Toto and Journey – write, record and perform epic and grandiose rock music featuring the likes of lush vocal harmonies, wide piano, and synth hooks, fiery guitar solos and an oh-so-smooth alto saxophone. But the boys’ inspiration is not just confined to the era of reverb and Ray-Bans. Traces of the classic rock sound, pioneered by bands like The Who, are also present in the septet’s signature song DNA. All this is encompassed in the band’s debut album, “The Great Discovery”. The band has decided to produce the album themselves, with lead vocalist Chris Catton spearheading the process as mixing engineer, and the results speak for themselves: a sound with the audacity of a record written in the 1980s, and the punch of an album produced in 2020. Boys From Heaven is the best of both worlds: whimsical and witty, yet technically skilled. Rock’n’roll, yet soft and soulful. All this coming from a band only in their 20s. The release of the EP “No Way! But Anyway”put Boys From Heaven on the map in 2017, and in the two years that have followed since the band has gone on to perform at several well-established venues and festivals, such as Musikhuset Posten in Odense and Kløften Festivalin Haderslev, as well as the one day festival Skodborg Parkrock, with over 3.000 festival-goers. There, the band performed alongside several famous artists, among others Danish rock giants Gnags. The boys also made it to the final of the Tak Rock Band Battle 2018, held at the esteemed DR Concert House in Copenhagen, and gathered massive plays in national Danish radio along the way. Come 2020 and, after a dominating performance at festival Nordic Noise 2020 – Streaming For Vengeance, the Boys From Heaven secured a record deal with Target Records, for the release of their debut album. “The Great Discovery” will be released in digital, CD, and vinyl formats by Target Records (Mike Tramp, The Savage Rose) on October 23rd, 2020.   Tracklist: 01. The Ascent 02. Green Fields 03. Sunshine Soul 04. Burning Like A Flame 05. A Fool’s Hope 06. Keep On Movin’ 07. Memory 08. Only Child 09. Convictions 10. Old Days 11. Don’t You Cry 12. Worlds Apart 13. Smile
    • Cute spin on the song name... I'm guessing a live album.
    • Ok, this is where I step in. I absolutely will not tolerate politically correct outrage here. Jokes about men, women, Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, gay, straight, short, tall, skinny, fat, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic, atheist, black, latino, asian, white, etc. are ALL welcome here. If you find someone or something "offensive" then don't read their content or the thread in question, or feel free to go elsewhere. Your being personally offended doesn't mean others have to change their behavior. You have the choice to go somewhere else. I will NOT see HH fall victim to the outrage mob mentality so prevalent today. My house. My rules.
    • New album out November 6th through Frontiers. More info to come...
    • Cool.... just waiting for you to call out the misandry against Trump in this thread or on other posts on this boarAside from that, you used the word incorrectly. You also called Metal T a misogynist, and you'd want to have a pretty robust amount of examples to make that stick. Calling him that is actually very offensive to him, based on one comment, that is acyually him repeating a meme that has been around for over 20 years (minus the addition of the last bit ... with one left wing) Your implication that anyone who posted that comment is an act of mysogyny is also potentially incorrect. Misogyny is a general term for hatred or dislike of women. I certainly did not see Metal T as having a hatred or dislike of women. I'd say you actually owe him an apology.
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