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    • Motley (I think Nikki) said that they would never be seen out with Poison. Somethinga bout not being classed as a pussy hair band. This was always set up to potentially be a big publicity stunt with the contract being broken due to 'demand' Nikki is claiming taht they have a tonne of new fans after the movie who deserve to get the opportunity to see them. Sad that they'd end up having to endure Vince's vocals. I saw Def Lep a coupld of years ago, and was lucky enough to have seats upgraded for some reason. First time seeing them. Great show, sounded great. Haven't seen Poison since before Native Tongue. I have some awesome photos of that gig though with my old SLR and a 300mm zoom lens. Not sure I'd be too interested in seeing all three bands. Actually don't want to see Motley again Saw Def Lep recently, and Poisons set would be short. I'd be happy to pay and see a full Poison show though.
    • The weird thing is that I, and everyone had heard of them, but just weren't exposed to their music. Kind of strange.
    • that's because in their prime 79-86 they barely toured outside of the US and so were not that well known (outside of the US obviously) 
    • Dunno him...but it says this person is legendary  couldn't even be bothered to google the name.
    • Yeah, and with the January releases by H.e.a.t, Passion & GOK it looks like the new year is going off with a bang 
    • Hopefully a very nice start to the new year. I'm looking forward to it. 
    • Yeah, I remember the dude from LSD. I don't know about his life after LSD, but seems an odd choice as a first choice producer (even odder after hearing this album).  And yeah, I've never heard the other name either. I'm thinking, after this, that's for a very, very, very, VERY good reason. 
    • I've never seen Def Leppard or Poison, so their set lists would still be fresh to me. Poison only play 8 songs, though? That's soft. I have friends who have seen Def Leppard on recent visits to Australia and they also said they were still very good.  Anyway, I don't for a second think this'll make it to Aussie shores.  I have seen Motley Crue a few years back (possibly on one of their last ever Aussie shows - one of them...). I enjoyed it 'cause I had great seats and I just loved seeing them, but Vince's every 10th word left a little to be desired. 
    • I know, I know. We all know the answer but still I have to ask: So what happened to the "Cessation of Touring Contract" by the Crue?
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