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    • Well... the important thing is this hasn't spun out of control.   
    • I also would like to take this quick opportunity and remind everyone, about the breath taking, double feature being released tomorrow night, from the throbbing and pulsating studios over there in Boomerang land, G-Off productions is remastering and releasing on a 2 disc set, the legendary classic, from 1978, some of G-Offs earliest work, and most brilliant, the 2 disc box set and the 1st time on DVD release of Guys Will Be Girls, this cinematic icon paved the way for this brilliant director to become what he is today, now you can see it how it was meant to be seen, and not on beta or VHS, but high def 4k DVD, it's so clear, it's almost like G-Off is sitting on an Eiffel Tower 5ft away from you, every glisten, every shine, catches every light, you'll have to smack yourself and remind yourself your not sitting directly in front of these studs in person, head over to G-Offs website right now and pre order your copy of Guys Will Be Girls!
    • What is it your not picking up on Petra Girl? what is it you would like me to care about? see you have to be more clear, even specific would be better, Sarcasm is my personality, so essentially you want me to not be me, in order to try to enlighten me on your topic that your very passionate about, I speak my mind, im not that complex, I don't believe, I don't understand what it is your not picking up on here, as I feel Ive been nothing but honest, straightforward, and transparent in what you and I have going, I told you, because you claimed you could prove to me God exists, so I told you, cool, here I am, knock yourself out, I will take whatever you offer me, process it, and go on, it seems you haven't really been around here long enough to notice I don't take anything seriously, at least not that seriously, because I don't take anything in life that serious, because it's boring, and people who are overly serious are the dregs I dread running into, in anything I do, sure if you get on here and say Cody, I just found out I have 3 days left to live, I obviously am not going to go into a rant, joking and making fun of it, cause im not a fucking dildo, well at least I don't think I am, but Ive given you the platform to pitch your God stuff to an Atheist, which I am, and I don't know how you could take anything else out of that, which is my whole point, Atheism is the most simple concept on earth, we simply do not believe in anything, that doesn't seem to sit well with you, but it's the truth, and its simple, there's not an ancient book full of shit, no conventions, I don't desire God's love, because I don't believe your god philosophy, I'm not worried about the after life, cause I don't believe there's such a thing, no such thing as a soul, I don't care, because I don't believe in it, are you at all catching my drift? it doesn't make me any more or less of a person, or a bad guy, or a douche bag, im just a douche bag by nature, none of that god stuff is important to me, because there's no such thing, for whatever reason that's really not sitting well with you, I don't care about anything, your right,, oh I care about things that I believe are real, like the love I have for my daughter, and my friends, oh you better believe I care about that, I'm speaking strictly on topic, I don't care about something I don't believe in, why would I care about something I don't believe exists, I told you I'd hear you out, I never said I was going to convert, maybe flight out and read scriptures with you, or anything, the fact im willing to listen to you is pretty profound as I generally avoid anyone who wants to proselytize, but you seem cool, and you listen to Petra, at 13 years old, im not going to shun you, or bag on you, or make fun of you, which I would do to just about anyone else who talked god to me, but you said you had proof, so im all ears, and you need to stop taking shit so personally, my offer hasn't changed, I haven't changed, your just getting really worked up over things im just sitting here behind a keyboard spouting off about, which is what I have always done, if we were speaking face to face you'd probably hate me worse, its just me, so Ive explained shit about as clearly as I know how, so hopefully you pick up what im putting down, only about 10% of anything I say is said with any sincerity, but 100% of what I say is honest, don't let that sarcasm get ya, it would be a shame.
    • Don't you care at all??????? 
    • You don't care about anything!!!! I won't ever be ok- if there's something that I cannot do, it's getting people to stop being sarcastic and actually care- I thought you might've cared- getting through to you is going to prove a harder challenge than I thought as you aren't an atheist, either!!!!!  You're nothing, that's what. And whether you care about it or not I think God can make even you, Leykis into something- someone. 
    • Oh boy! your going to feel foolish now, you detected no sarcasm whatsoever and took what I typed literally, that was me acting like a Mormon, spouting my beliefs at you, because you don't practice the same way I do, so your not worthy, which is exactly how the Mormons are, and I do know cause I live smack dab in mormonville, so you couldn't detect that had nothing to do with my views, it was me counterpointing your grouping religions together, Me personally, I could give a fuck less, I truly don't care, I have never and would never say anything like that personally, and not to add insult to injury, but there's nothing worse then an ignorant Atheist, that I'm not, I was 8 years old when they attempted to dunk me in water and brainwash me with their fairy tales, so your assumption I know nothing about Christianity might come back to bite you, but you took me acting like a buffoon Mormon(which is what they generally are) and criticizing your incorrect way of practicing, and got all worked up over it, taking it as me insulting you directly, which is what I was terrified would happen anyway, yeah so calm down youngster, if you got them in a bunch, go ahead and smooth it out, get your head calmed down, and refocus, and remember anytime you see me scolding, harassing, fucking with, talking down, or just plain degrading others on here for their religious views, stop and remember, Cody doesn't give a fuck, he's fucking with people, or being condescending in regards to whatever the topic at hand is, he will never be expressing anything he thinks, cause he doesn't believe in any of it to even give a fuck. OK Petra Girl, are you good now??
    • I meant We as in real Christians.  You know nothing, you're just, well I don't hate you, but the way you try and act like you know everything a Christian does when you claim to be an atheist, a godless sad heap who doesn't want God's love and joy and only looks at Him as some fairytale who acts on what human beings say, is just not how I'm going to let you run it. I say what I say, you say what you say, you don't get to say what God does- and I'm not half wit, either. We're still friends but you can just shut up about what you think you can say about my Jesus. Got it? He's looking at you right now, I hope you know that. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ And as destitute as you are, He loves you so much. His love is as big as the sky and bigger. Is a big bang gonna love you? You know that's what you want. True love- and I wish you would believe in it. I suppose you've heard the story of Jesus on the cross before, but I want you to really think about it tonight. It was because of you and He absolutely loves you. I'm being very sincere when I say this. It probably sounds like a bunch of mush, but He does. You're his kid. My only hope and prayer is that you believe that He's your Father. (Emphasis on Your) 
    • I haven't even heard the audio!!!!  You guys talking is enough- and you all know how I feel about gays and if that's not at all what his movies are, then that's not my fault- no one would completely answer me  
    • Who is we?? you mean you? because that's exactly what the Mormons believe, and teach, and according to them, your the half wit that doesn't know anything about what your talking about, it's exactly how god works, and your not worthy of the rewards because you don't practice the right way, they do, understand? got it? Kapish? By the way, you've now officially offended me, Catholics, and Mormons, in the same league as Atheists, how much do you hate me? dear you clearly do not understand Atheism completely, we share absolutely zero, nothing in any way shape or form in the views of God, we are not even in the same ballpark for anyone to make a comparison to those Jabronis, Atheists believe in nothing, that is absolutely nothing, so there is nothing there to make comparisons to, it's an oxi moron, a double negative, you can not compare Atheists to any form of religion, Christianity, Muslims, Hindu, budism, anything tied to any form of higher power or deity, of any kind, cause anything in that category, is the exact opposite of what Atheists believe, we believe in nothing, which is why I have no problem settling arguments or fights with believers, because there's nothing for me to prove, you cannot prove a negative, I don't have to prove something I don't believe exists, nor do I have to respond to that argument being flipped back the other way for the sake of people not being able to win their argument with me, as in, well you cant prove he doesn't exist, I know I cant, and I don't have to, because I don't believe he does, so why would I prove he doesn't, duh! so FYI, you really didn't offend me, you made me chuckle, I was just typing that for aesthetic reasons, nor can you offend me, so don't ever feel that you have to censor yourself, I'm more worried about me hurting your feelings, cause sometimes I just gotta say whats on my mind, and whoever s in the way, hopefully has thick skin, cause I really don't think out shit before it comes out, except for bagging on fine High quality production gay porn, from the God Damn Studios, and directed by the legendary gay porn tycoon, from down under Mr G-Off! go to his website and browse around, your guaranteed to at least feel a wrinkle, but you'll probably more then likely leave his site signed up for a platinum membership, and a year full of pure top notch man on man action, so drop in.
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