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    • So they actually released an album in 2017 as well? Or just the single? I heard the new album and that was definitely a once-only occasion. Really, really bad album. As you suggest, I have no idea what their intention with this album is. But it's awful. 
    • I need a few more spins, but first spin was pretty underwhelming. I do believe this album has a strong debut album vibe. Problem is, the songs are a lot weaker than the debut. There's just some stuff that doesn't need to be on here that makes a lot of the songs worse. I've been meaning to check the liner notes of their albums, but I assume Leppard and the previous vocalist were both prolific in terms of song writing? 
    • Heard this loosely this morning. Actually sounds like a pretty bad album. Was surprised he pulled out his old style vocals. Interesting choice. 
    • Do you really like it, or are you taking the urnine? Piss. Taking the piss? 
    • I think I have actually heard that before. It's not a brand new song or anything, ay? It's bad but I've become a bit numb in recent years to monstrously horrible songs. A part of my weekday routine now is playing three pop/kids songs in the car on the way to/from daycare/school for my kids; specially selected by them. 
    • Are you talking about schlongs? No one matches my 2.5 inch anaconda.  I'll wait for a full album until I compare this to Harnell-fronted TNT, but I will say with 100% conviction that this album will be better than any TNT album without Harnell. Light years better. 
    • In a couple of months, 13 years. Time flies.
    • Use that as a good excuse to avoid the album. It's shit. 'All Angels Have Gone' and 'A call from the inside' are the only tunes I like. Even 'Hellfire' didn't scrub up so well on the full length cassette tape. A lot of weak songs on this one...
    • From Frontiers: While Sweden's Creye work on the follow-up to 2018's self-titled release, the band have recorded four acoustic tracks (three re-works of songs from the last studio album + one new track, 'Lost Without You') and released them as the digital only EP, "Up Close". A statement from Creye's Andreas Gullstrand: "The idea of the EP simply started out with us wanting to experiment with some of the songs on the self-titled album and showcase them in a different light. This eventually led to us re-entering the studio with producer Erik Wiss to record new acoustic versions of the songs. The creative atmosphere of re-arranging the songs led to us writing ”Lost Without You,” which was written especially for that type of acoustic arrangement. In comparison to the album, the "Up Close" EP is something very different, but we’re really proud of how it turned out. There’s quite a few of our fans asking about a follow up to our debut album that was released last year. We’re very happy to tell you that we’ve spent the entire summer focusing on nothing else but the future of the band and the 2nd album, which is getting towards the end of the pre-production process. A lot of hard work has been put into the songs for this one and the result feels really, really great. Can’t wait until these bad boys are unleashed!"            
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