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    • I think Motley lost a lot towards the end of their career. S/T with Corabi lost a lot of fans, simply because Vince wasn't there. Generation Swine was a little too different when it was released, and lost a lot more fans. Everything after than was pretty average. SOLA was good, but the best song for me, the title track, couldn't squeeze into my top 25. Then you hace Vince trying to sing. Nikki ceasing every oppotunity for publicity over stupid shit. Now the reunuion fiasco. In a lot of ways they killed their legacy for a lot of people. For me they generally evolved really well up to Dr Feelgood which was their peak. I love the Corabi album, and included it, but it's fairly removed from the rest of the material the band did. Hearing John talk about his exit was pretty disappointing. All this talk these bands have of being a 'gang' and 'brothers' etc is mostly a pile of crap. it was all business and arranged via mangers and lawyers. He wasn't all that pissed about it, I think he knew it was coming, as he said, he'd heard rumors etc
    • And how novice of me to forget an even better one;  
    • I always just liked Motley Crue and it never seemed to matter that I actually agree they weren't really an amazing band, musically. But they did enough goodness to keep me interested.  I love 'Girls Girls Girls' and think it's in my top 15, but 'Don't go away mad' I don't think would be anywhere near my top 50, maybe even more. Gotta say, doesn't do a thing for me at all. Kinda hate the chorus if I'm dead honest.  One killer tune that hasn't been mentioned yet;     Probably should have done my top 20 to include cool stuff like that.  
    • very average band imo. Perhaps one of the most overrated ever Just looking at Geoffs list I know that I rated Dr Feel good at 8.75 and kick start at 8.5 so I'm thinking there might not be one song over a 9 from me (the 5 above it are all worse imo). Also I agree that Don't Go Away is arguably as good as both so that plus Girls Girls Girls would be my top 4. on that basis I can't really be bothered to rate them like DL or BJ 
    • I wasn't sold on the first song, but you hooked me in with the second one. Very nice. Like the dude's voice. I'll be checking this one out for sure. 
    • Yep, good solid stuff. 
    • Did you try 'Dizzy up the girl' and the album that followed that? Even 'Superstar Carwash?" I thought they had some really cool discs.
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