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    • Not too great, unfortunately. Very demo-ish. 
    • Gave it a good, deep spin today and it's a definite top 10'er for me. 'Hurricane,' 'Higher again, 'Now or never' and the immense 'Heavily broken' are my favourites.  I do agree with your thoughts regarding the track order. I predict the poussuer metalheads will be offended by the amount of slower tunes on the album, but that doesn't worry me one bit as long as they're good songs. And they are. 'Who Can We Run To' isn't great, but the rest are. But I do agree that it would be good to have each slower tune paired with a rocker throughout.  Anyway, really digging this and the guitarist has some chops too.  
    • You really surprise me with this, Mark. I know I should just say "to each their own" but you used to be a man of good taste, when it came to music - not that silly religion thing. But I have a very hard time believing that when it comes to the crunch, you can honestly find songs in the Whitecross discography that somehow match the likes of; One Step Away   Givin' Yourself Away   Round And Round   Nobody Rides For Free What's It Gonna Be   Scene Of The Crime   Shame Shame Shame   Lovin' You's a Dirty Job   Can't Wait on Love   Best of Me   I Want A Woman   Wanted Man   Back For More   Dance   Top Secret   I'm Insane   You're in Love   Lay it Down   What You Give is What You Get   Looking For Love   Lost Weekend   ... and okay, you get the point. But I seriously question how you could compare what Whitecross did with a discography of the might of Ratt. And I'm not even a die-hard fan, but credit where it's due. In my opinion, they were vastly superior in every regard, and usually it doesn't count for much, but I think the weight of opinion that would agree with Ratt being far superior to Whitecross would actually mean something in this case.
    • Awesome tune. That and 'Fading like a flower' are probably my two faves. I actually like most their hits, but yeah, they did have some ripper lesser know tunes.  Yeah, my brother said he saw it on the news tonight.  So many great tunes. R.I.P
    • Jeez, that's a tad of an over-reaction, don't you think? You can search for the first post I ever made here and there's a chance I'd have probably been referencing my dislike for religion and I do like to remind people how stupid it is frequently, but it has by no means been elevated by your presence. Karpetface and Mark would tell you this straight. I've rarely made a post in reply to them without making some remark about their faith. That's just how I roll.  Who is hateful to Cody? Everyone loves Cody. I've never seen anyone be hateful towards Cody. And what on earth does this mean - "his head isn't metal when it comes to things like Without Your Love." Truly don't understand that. What does that mean?? How on earth am I over-rated? In what sense? How have I got any kind of rating and how can I be over this rating? Again, truly don't understand what you mean by that. Who's over-rated me?  How is mentioning the CD sold for a good price patting myself on the back? Jeez you're a picky, very sensitive thing. I've been very sensible, keeping your age in mind, but I guess you're reading ridiculous things into every thing I type, so why bother? But you really need to lighten up.  Like I said, I have been critical of religion here and everywhere I exist, but that was well before you were even born, so I'm not sure why you think I'm picking on you specifically. You're just taking it to heart more than others, I guess.  Even when I mention the Whitecross songs I like I'm being mean? Ouch.   Anyway, I only replied here as I get annoyed with people telling me to do silly things that annoy me, but feel free to PM me if you want. I'm seriously unaware of anything offensive I've said to you yet and would invite you to point out if I have done this - you just seem to take my severe hatred for religion as a personal attack, for some reason. No one else in the past has...  
    • They can shop my network anytime they like. 
    • Lovesick featuring former Roughhouse guitarist. This is from ROX magazine from Maryland August 1990.
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