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    • very average band imo. Perhaps one of the most overrated ever Just looking at Geoffs list I know that I rated Dr Feel good at 8.75 and kick start at 8.5 so I'm thinking there might not be one song over a 9 from me (the 5 above it are all worse imo). Also I agree that Don't Go Away is arguably as good as both so that plus Girls Girls Girls would be my top 4. on that basis I can't really be bothered to rate them like DL or BJ 
    • I wasn't sold on the first song, but you hooked me in with the second one. Very nice. Like the dude's voice. I'll be checking this one out for sure. 
    • Yep, good solid stuff. 
    • Did you try 'Dizzy up the girl' and the album that followed that? Even 'Superstar Carwash?" I thought they had some really cool discs.
    • 1. Live Wire 2. Wild Side   3. Piece of Your Action 4. Looks That Kill   5. You're All I Need   6. Dr. Feelgood   7. Kickstart My Heart    8. Shout at the Devil   9. Too Young to Fall in Love   10. Same Ol' Situation 11. Afraid
    • Just managed to giuve Nitrates first album a fair go. Agree somewhat with the comments on the vocals - they were ok. Just listened to the samples earlier in this thread, and I don't hear what everyone else does. I thought the songs were average and somewhat boring. New singer doesn't do it for me, very generic. May put this one on the backburner for a few years and maybe when I listen again I'll be more interested.
    • So I've been making new compilations, but for the top 25 songs of my favorite bands only. So when I play in my car etc, it starts at 25 and counts down and gradually gets better the longer it goes. Bit of fun in some rare down time. Ao anyway, here's what I came up with for Motley. Decided to post this one mainly to read the horrified comments of a lack of representation from the first 2 albums 1.    Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) 2.    Poison Apples 3.    Home Sweet Home 4.    Kickstart My Heart 5.    Same ‘Ol Situation 6.    Girls, Girls, Girls 7.    Driftaway 8.    Without You 9.    Misunderstood 10.    On With The Show 11.    Time For Change 12.    Looks That Kill 13.    Wild Side 14.    Afraid 15.    She Goes Down 16.    Enslaved 17.    Red Hot 18.    Bitter Pill 19.    Angela 20.    All In The Name Of… 21.    Live Wire 22.    Shout At The Devil 23.    You’re All I Need 24.    Loveshine 25.    Find Myself  
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