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    • Eternal Nightfall - In Malice's Wake
    • Just because we haven't figured out how to travel between worlds doesn't mean that other civilizations, possibly thousands of years older than ours haven't figured it out....I believe we are being visited today by aliens and hopefully someday soon we will get real evidence of that....there are just too many credible sightings and testimony for me to believe otherwise....while the majority of sightings can be written off as weather or human activity there are still many that are unexplained....and no I don't think aliens will land on the white house front lawn anytime soon .....our Gods over the centuries were probably aliens
    • Aliens get no side effects from covid - one day the tuth will come out
    • aliens do not exist. Side effects from COVID  do. just clearing that up  
    • Actually I have no doubt life exists out there, the laws o probablility are overwhelmingly in favor of this. But known science does not currently allow for reasonable travel between worlds, and until it becomes known how this might be possible, aliens, life visiting our planet, is just a fun novelty. I'd love to visit Area 51 for fun one day, but to me aliens make about as much sense as a god or gods.
    • Aliens do exist and one day the truth will come out as the US governement is hiding the evidence from the world.....  
    • From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of the Swedish melodic rock combo RIAN to a multi-album deal! The first release will be the band's sophomore album, “Twenty-Three,” which is currently taking shape under the direction of producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder Of My Sweet). The new songs were written during 2018-2020 and based on melodies and lyrics written by vocalist/guitarist Richard Andermyr. The initial ideas from Richard were crafted into songs that the band arranged together: first with Richard and drummer Jan Johannsson and later on with the full band. RIAN released their debut album “Out Of The Darkness” in July 2017, which was well received by fans and melodic rock media alike. The band made its live debut during 2018, which began the process of the band becoming more and more of a live unit. Add the amazing lead guitars of Tobias Jakobsson into the mix with the band and you have the cocktail that makes up the RIAN 2.0 sound. "We are really pleased to sign with Frontiers Music Srl. Since our first contact, the label has been nothing but helpful. We feel right at home with the support we’ve received so far and look forward to using this relationship to enable us to provide our fans with a steady supply of quality music for the years to come. Our sound can, in the easiest way, be explained as a modern version of classic melodic rock music, the way it was produced in the second half of the 80’s. The sound is American, but the melodies and chord progressions have very strong Swedish roots. Influences such as Bon Jovi, Dokken, Europe, Queensryche, Survivor, and Winger can be heard in the sound. Also, more modern vibes the likes of Alter Bridge have a presence in our music,” explains Richard Andermyr. Keep an eye out for RIAN’s return in the coming months! Band Members:  Richard Andermyr: Vocals, Guitar Jan Johansson: Drums Jonas Melin: Bass Tobias Jakobsson: Lead Guitar   http://www.rianrocks.comhttp://facebook.com/rianisalive
    • Yep, spot on. I wasn't having a dig, just relaying how I read teh comment. I want people to make worthy comments and challenge my thinking, and wording things correctly helps that. I mean if we were discussing aliens I'd ratehr read "aliens exist" than "one day the truth about aliens will get out there" The first one you can argue and discuss, the second is all hypothertical, or a statement made without anything solid to back it up.
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