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    • Here's a track never on any of their albums with Ron. Same time period.  
    • I like that one. Much better than the first single.
    • My Review: I went into this new HAMMERFALL album with zero expectations. I am a huge fan of the band and they are usually pretty consistent in their releases, minus the ill-fated Infected. To me, the band has never matched their debut album Glory To The Brave or the tremendous follow-up Legacy Of Kings. Their album all tend to blend together after awhile. So I heard the new single a bit back called (We Make) Sweden Rock. Ugh.... chessy. Don't really care for the theme or they silly chorus. Who picked this as the first single?? Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. The first track Never Forgive, Never Forget is a typical solid HammerFall song. But it's when track #2's riff hits the speakers, that I perked up. KIller guitar riffage very reminiscent of Aceept. The top tracks are all killer. Dominion, Scars Of A Generation, Dead By Dawn, One Against The World, Chain Of Command, and And Yet I Smile are all great. Nothing really bad on this. The more cringe-worthy tracks are Second To One, Testify (sounds like an Infected track), and the first single (We Make) Sweden Rock. Those brought down the overall score on the album but I gave it a solid 75%  
    • I'm hoping by the end of December, I have a Top 5! LOL
    • As was I.... then it started to sink in for me. Pretty good stuff.
    • Not too bad.   Reminds me a little of Degreed in a way. I was a little iffy on the vocals at first but the more i listen the more I'm liking.  Lots of cool hooks and melodies.  
    • My scores: Never Forgive, Never Forget 7.5/10 Dominion 9/10 Testify 5/10 One Against The World 8/10 (We Make) Sweden Rock 6/10 Second To One 6.5/10 Scars Of A Generation 9/10 Dead By Dawn 8.5/10 Battleworn intro Bloodline 7/10 Chain Of Command 8/10 And Yet I Smile 8/10 75%  
    • Excellent news and an excellent band. Absolutely loved the previous efforts and this is shaping up to be a comparable release.   Sophie is a shred machine too btw...
    • At one point he was seemingly going out of his way to antagonise Motley Crue. I remember when his book was coming out and he basically accused most of the stuff in The Dirt to be bull shit or over exagerated, then threw out the line about their perception of what happened was probably because of all the substance abuse they were doing during those days. Sixx then shot back about how someone who has never been an addict has no idea how things work, so should not be making such accusations, so Sweet just came back with some cliched response about being quoted out of context, essentially took another couple of shots and left it like that. Sixx took the high ground and said appology accepted.   Sweet is an utter douche bag, christian or not.
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