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List of ballads

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I’d really like an option to list all the ballads from all the albums. I have a pretty good list  of about 600 ballads from glam and AOR artists.

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    • 'Poetic Justice' ...my personal fave from this band.
    • I met The Scream in the oddest of ways. I used to have a buddy who drove a taxi cab. I used to ride along with him once in awhile and we'd hit the rock clubs. One night, some long haired dudes hoped in his cab wanting to go to Hammerjacks. It was The Scream. They were shocked that I new their band and the song "Outlaw". Got a signed pic of them. 
    • Fuck! It's not on the Spotifies, yet. I wanna hear it, meow!
    • Hmm... Nope, actually the grammar checks out. 
    • I already wrote a little bit about the samples. Now that the whole songs are out I got reminded why they were my favourite band until they broke up. They got some crazy energy and they're a puzzle... 4 great musicians who leave enough space for each other to shine. Even though here and there there could be a bit more space for the vocals but yeah, guitars were the concept of this album and that's fine. Trond is probably my favourite living guitar player, nobody writes riffs like him.  In my earlier post I said Trond (Teeny) sings Call of the wild. Have to correct that, it's Bernt (Flash). Next time, let Åge sing... or Trond... the song is fine but the voice is a bit underwhelming. Where does it hurt & Shadows of eternity are my favourites after the first run through, great songs with a heaviness never heard from Wig Wam. Silver linings is very melodic but I guess one or five less repetitions of the chorus would have still been enough. Hard love is actually better thsn I thought after listening to the samples, great build up. My kaleidoscope ark is a great ballad, exactly what I missed when Wig Wam wasn't there. One little point of criticism maybe... the production is veeery rough. Energetic but some mistakes could have been edited out. The first bar of the Where does it hurt verse has a little rhythm error in the palm mutes of the guitar; there was one solo that was a bit too slow somewhere, I also heard some tiny wrong notes of the singer. For a live performance that is usual but as a studio production a bit strange... at least I haven't heard things like that before on a well done record. Anyway, these are great songs and I hope that it's only the beginning of a long future. 
    • Wind Outta Sails - Fashion Police
    • Both are good. He sounds great. All fingers crossed.
    • Hypnotized and Shadows Of Eternity stand out for me and as you say it’s great to have these guys back. Really good album. Tails off slightly towards the end I think but love the heavier sound. Today has been a fine day for music! 
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