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    • I'm with Geoff on picking Babylon AD's album as the standout of this group. But Roxanne wasn't far behind returning with a pretty good release. There were other albums that I thought had a few solid tracks or were OK listens overall, but most of these were disappointing when compared to their early releases.  But the worst for me were: Roxy Blue - horrible - a modern/grungy sounding mess of an album that was as far away from the original sound as any of the artists TNT - XIII - no fault of the new vocalist who I thought did a nice job, this just paled in comparison to their best efforts, while there were a few OK tracks it was another in a line of major let downs from a band that I had considered my favorite for years  
    • Haha, who on earth let these guys make a music video?! lol, terrible. But very cool find and I'm amazed this exists. Cool enough band too. 
    • Yep. I'm in.    
    • This is hilarious, 'Impossible challenge! H.E.A.T drummer playing songs on first listen! (almost)'      
    • Out now.   1 Here Comes The King 2 Dirty Blues 3 I Disappear 4 The Dying 5 Last Man Standing 6 Siren Song 7 The Voice Of Soul 8 Cold 9 Escalator To Purgatory 10 Higher 11 Grand Master   This is an alternate cut of *Higher' available as a bonus track. I diggit.   Full album:  
    • Well sorry to be all-encompassing, but I voted for all but Roxy Blue and Babylon AD. I thought that all things being equal, the new Roxy Blue was not much better/worse than the debut because although the debut had a cool vibe and style, at the end of the day, I only kept three ballads / mid-tempo tunes off each album. And Babylon AD is monster stand-out from this list as it's actually a very good to excellent album. Nothing dud about that.  And I have to say, I wish I could retract my vote for Banshee as that wasn't that bad. Never was a made fan, but it was a decent throwback to their sound.  But they rest - they all suck! For what it's worth, the worst of the worst; Tora Tora TNT  Riverdogs Spread Eagle 
    • That would make my night. 
    • Yeah, Lesperance's new look seemed to appear quick, but he's still crisp looking... for a grandfather.
    • And You Know- Brighton  Can’t find a video for it though 
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