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    • what do you harp on G-Off for? he just said he's offering Jesus a part in his next flick, entitled The Second Cuming! I mean how much more cordial can he be? Jesus doesnt even have to try out, you know how long I had to try out for my part? G-Off had me cum in at 6am, and I didnt get out of there until at least 6:15pm, 12 hrs of trying out, I was spent, I could hardly walk, for 3 days afterwards, and the tearing didnt heal for another 2 to 3 weeks following, it was fucking brutal, you dont just get given a spot in a G-Off flick, you have to earn it, so this is a very generous thing G-Off has offered, and frankly it upsets me a little, I feel a resentment coming on.
    • I've got it! I've got it!  This isn't my final word, I've still got to put something together, but at least this: You don't come to Jesus by examination of the evidence of God- Jesus opens your eyes- all my job is is to plant a seed. That's all it is. But that still is going to be convicting as much as I can make it. 
    • Jesse Strange - S/T Melidian - Lost In the Wild
    • Pilson doesn't have much time for a full Dokken reunion because of the Foreigner thing, but has time for this? Another "supergroup" that'll have a revolving door lineup like The Dead Daisies and a few others?  and... WTF is going on with McCauley's "sharpied in" eyebrows?
    • Lookie here- Geoff is going to tell me it's not worth it but I know every answer to what he says, I just ignore him cause he's silly and I'm too smart to even consider a thing he says about my faith.  It's a great idea, and in the Name of Jesus Christ I will, if not persuade you, at least plant something inside your soul, because it's so totally worth it that we see each other in heaven and not as you're being taken away to hell.  In Christ, 
    • Well Petra girl, I hope the doesn't fall out of I'm not persuaded, if that's where this is going maybe it's not such a great idea, cause good chance I will probably not be how you are expecting, are you going to be alright if that doesn't happen?
    • I bet Taylor Swift is Dan's #1 for 2019, right Dan?
    • Nice nice- you should tell him that I think he's a cool dude next time you happen to talk to him 😜
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