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    • Cold Truth - Grindstone  Molly Hatchet - Silent Reign Of Heroes  The Sonic Walthers - Medication
    • New song 'Castaway'. Nice!    
    • So I just heard this song, you all probably know of it, or not, I fucking really really like this song, I think it fucking rocks, but rocks in like a crossover Punk-Goth-Raw Hard Rock throwback to the Black Flag - Loose Nut type days, this song is completely raw, unpolished, and just dirty,    
    • I know a few years ago I posted the very first BA song off his very first album, pretty much sarcastically, as it made me want to throw on some daisy dukes, roller skates and bop up and down my street chewing bubble gum and dancing, well I was wrong, it wasn't his first song, this one is, and guess what? it's a million times better then his old first song, I even got the disco remix, this is pure hilarity, I couldn't stop laughing after hearing this, and like his other first song, this has a mind tormentingly catchy beat to it, caution it will lure you in and get you, also, some company out of Canada BA deals with hunts uploads of this song down with intensity, anyone that gets uploaded to YouTube generally is caught by it's bots on the UL, if not that company snags it within a couple days, so I had to upload an artist who has a similar name and his song that also has a similar name, lets see how long we can keep this up there, and why the fuck does that company care if it's out there? that's almost Nancy Drew script material, very fucking odd, anyway, when your done laughing,, lets hear your thoughts.  
    • err just to make this absolutely clear - this is not coming from me.  And that is not a panic stricken website it is the official UK government website with comments directly from our health secretary ffs you do what u like. at 30 odd years old yes your risk is prob negligible. At nearly 51 I would be far greater risk category even being fit for my age. And as for my parents they would prob die sadly. both have had their yearly flu jab so that risk in minor in comparison - for covid there is no treatment or vaccine. Comparing the two is quite frankly bollocks. so I continue to be careful and prudent  but I am not living my life in fear thank you very much and I am not doom mongering 
    • I wouldn't say that I strongly hate it...it just isn't as good as previous nor was non stop rock 'n' roll, I was excited at the time of their releases , that soon faded but they both had a few good tunes, I have to say that I haven't listened to them two in a while but would spin Wamania quite regularly.
    • And here's an article on the long term effects of the flu that some people might experience; https://www.health.com/condition/cold-flu-sinus/flu-long-term-effects You can find an article for any panic-stricken agenda you like.  What I was trying to say above is that yes, for some people there will be long term side effects of having had Corona. Just like, for some people, there will be long term side effects after they have the flu, or are in a car crash, or get attacked by a shark. But for others, there won't be long term side effects. It's not a one size fits all scenario. Have you heard about how many people don't even know they have/had covid-19? Will all these people have side effects for the rest of their life?; https://www.healthline.com/health-news/50-percent-of-people-with-covid19-not-aware-have-virus As I noted, neither you or I have travelled in time to have evidence for either scenario, but I'm willing to bet a whole wad of cash that the overwhelming majority of people will not experience these long term side effects from covid-19 that you want to scare everyone with.  I just don't understand why you think every human is wired the same and you feel the need to push this idea that this thing basically destroys everyone who has it. I believe, what some would call you, is a Doom Booster.  As with the other discussion, it'd do you well to acknowledge a second side of the story, and not just the one that suits - for whatever reason - your fear-riddled agenda, to a tee.  
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