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    • Doing the same.  You can drive your self nuts watching the news.   Here in the USA I'm absolutely in disbelief at how unprepared for this we were given the notice we had that this was out there and very likely coming our way.  I'm in New York State and it blows my mind that this state alone is well on it's way to passing China in cases when it's 19 million people versus 1.4 billion.  I'm not a political person at all and not gonna point fingers....But there is no doubt this was handled very poorly from the start and that even as laws finally got put into place people still ignored them thinking it wasn't a big deal.  We're clearly having a tough time with the whole social distancing concept.   Still a long road ahead as we only have about 3% of our cases recovered and new cases daily keep far outweighing recoveries.
    • It's best to stay away from all social media and mainstream media right now. They are both being driven by extremes at the two ends of the political spectrum. There is no middle ground, especially this being an election year in the U.S. Remember: The modern day media makes it's money by inducing clicks and reaction, so *EVERYTHING* is bigger or worse than the day before, no matter the situation. Their knobs go to 11 every day, all day long. They use inflammatory, hyperbolic language, e.g., "SKYROCKETING... from 15 to 17". On Fox News, the Trump administration can do no wrong, and on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Trump Administration can do no right. What I find I amusing is when Joe Biden or Andrew Cuomo make statements that agree with Trump, the same media sources will extol Biden and Cuomo as "stunning and brave" and rip Trump to shreds... for saying the exact... same... thing. It's all rage bait... and it makes it almost impossible to find where the truth is regarding the coronavirus, the medical tests and treatments, the economy... everything. It really is best to just hunker down, tune out the real world (if you can) and just listen to music.
    • Yep. I've had one or two days where I realised the only way forward was to avoid the news.  My girlfriend's also learned not to read the news just before trying to go to sleep. For a lot of us the really hard times not hit yet. Hospitals here in south Bavaria reaching limits so hard days coming up for those in the caring professions.  I really hope at the end of this the value of medical staff is finally respected.   
    • Here's two from "Soren Andersen - Guilty Pleasures". An album released last year that I missed. It's an instrumental album, which is fine, but it's such a shame these tracks aren't accompanied by vocals. Having said that, every now and then I'm in the mood for some instrumental stuff and this is top notch. The second track does borrow heavily from "Stormbringer" though.      
    • That first tune is pretty good. Nice stuff, kind of like a budget version of WOA. 
    • Neither song is awful but neither is very good either. Kind of par for these guys. Dude on vocals has similarities to Steve Lee at times. 
    • Really nice tune. A lot better than what's happened since the debut. 
    • I'm going to leave you alone to jam to this one, Cody. Not into it at all. 
    • One of the first pieces of official advice we got at work was to avoid overexposure to social media and the news. I have the radio on from 9:30am to 12pm at work Monday to Friday and that's the only time I let this depress me. You'll be suicidal if you surrender to the news' view of the world. 
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